Nov 08 2016

The Unknown Election – Live Blogging

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7:32 PM Eastern: I have to point out if Trump is crushing in WV and IN and KY, he will pull out OH and PA.  There is a correlation in terms of the fact a 20% margin in a red state will be a 5% margin in a purple state.  We will see who has the turnout, but I like what I see so far.

7:19 PM Eastern: This is amazing.  As of now three states too close to call: GA, SC and VA.  I am from VA, I am from Northern Virginia (NoVa). I can tell you Hillary may be shocked in NoVA. Most of us work for the Federal Government as civil servants or contractors.  All of us must abide by laws for controlling and protecting sensitive and classified data.

I was expecting VA to fall early. Now there is hope

I know for a fact Clinton probably pissed off a good chunk of her normal supporters in the government industrial complex. Anecdotally, those bound by the rules Clinton violated are gong to give her the big finger in the ballot box here in VA. Which is why they I am curious how the vote will pan out.

For Trump, this is a good start. Hillary cannot put away VA. The outsider is battling the insider and all Clinton has right now is Vermont.

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  1. oneal lane says:


    Thanks for the election coverage and in depth analysis. Again, I am glad your back on your blog. I hope your work continues to garner more notice.

    I left work yesterday at 6:00pm central and went home and ate supper, looked after my dogs and started a quiet night without any media, reading and watching some old flicks.

    It is 6:07am central and I am back at work and pulled up Drudge to find out we won. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. AJStrata says:

    Amazing times Oneal