Nov 08 2016

The Left’s Pathetic “Ground Game” Grasping

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Update: This is how you fool the dupes – just dangle some graphs in front of them which ignore the 62% of the voters and focus in on 9% contacted (but are the Clinton votes?) to find redemption!

Note they failed to mention that 62% who got out on their own on … Hot Air??? Aptly named I guess – end update

This is just sad.  The liberal media is touting a Clinton Ground game edge because a smaller fraction of people were contacted by the Trump campaign than the small fraction contacted by Hillary Campaign:

… more than twice as many voters said they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign (17 percent) than Trump’s (8 percent). Another 9 percent said they were contacted by both campaigns

17 vs 8%!  Did you know twice small is still small?

What everyone is missing is that most voters came out ON THEIR OWN ACCORD:

While most voters (62 percent) said they were not contacted by either presidential campaign

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, …

Yep, if you just skip over the first half of the sentence you find Nirvana.

The fact is turnout is historic and across the board and was NOT due to Hillary’s ground game!


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  1. MarkN says:

    Colorado update: Other – 32%, GOP – 34.8% Dem – 33.2%

    GOP lead – 36,066