Nov 09 2016

A New Day Dawns In America

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It is a fresh new day in America, thanks to Les Deplorables.

President-elect Trump is planning his transition to take over from the Lame Duck Golfer-in-Chief.

The Clintons are driving off into the annals of history – and at least one FBI investigation into their illegally gotten gains using access to the State Department to line their pockets.

The News Media is going to fix their ethical shortcomings or go bankrupt. The 4th estate is either independent from the halls of power or it needs to be shut down. BTW: don’t let those snobs in the news media make you think the uprising we saw yesterday was driven by a lack of education. I know a lot of smart people without college degrees

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, and a lot of idiots with multiple degrees. The fact is, Trump has plenty of college educated supporters and very wise people without degrees backing him.

I tweeted out my New Year’s resolution last night as I began to see Political Industrial Complex (PIC) begin to lose the election.  I decided to list my resolutions as hash tags:

#NeverBillCrystal, #NotGeorgeWill, #NoMoreBushes, #NoKasich, #CUKrauthammer, #MegynWho, #LaterPaulRyan-Much, #ChangeDC4Good

But getting back to serious topics, it is imperative we help those who are in dire straits now – which means fixing Obamacare. Health insurance has become a luxury-priced item, competing with the mortgage. And the deductibles are competing with family vacations. One serious, but short, illness and a family can be financially strapped for months.

The fix is simple and can be done quickly:

  • Retain the directive for covering children until age 26 (especially until we get out of the Obama economic hole)
  • Retain the directive that preexisting conditions cannot be used to deny coverage
  • Remove the requirement for one-size-fits-all plans and let insurance companies go back to tailoring plans to the individual and families.
  • Let insurance companies compete across the United States (so high density areas can help fund infrastructure in our low density regions, and make care more accessible there).
  • Eliminate the exchanges and all the government bureaucracies, and create a private-public funded reserve for people with serious medical conditions who are not in the upper economic echelons (say are not in the top 5%). This reserve will be used for premium and deductible relief for those individuals with expensive preexisting conditions, thus making health care affordable to them directly.
  • Let the market do its thing – let the insurance companies compete
  • Let insurance companies propose massive reductions in reporting to the government – reporting that has been clearly a waste of time and taxpayer money. This should relieve some costs on the insurance companies
  • Cap insurance prices for 2 years: do not allow premiums and deductibles to go beyond the Obamacare Silver plan levels from early this year – before the ridiculous hikes that are now going into effect. There will be no price gouging.

If President Trump can get his GOP Congress to pass these changes, health care will become affordable again – and that is the most critical issue the people face right now. We can deal with dismantling the useless pieces of government over time

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, but health care costs are a real problem right now.

One final note – my prediction map (below) was pretty close this time!

AJStrata_Election_MapAJStrata’s Election Prediction


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