Nov 10 2016

A Few Understand What Just Happened

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If you did not see the Trump win coming, then you probably need to recognize your world view is a bit out off kilter I say this for those who want to rejoin the real America, which is not a racist or misogynist place – any more than Trump is racist or misogynist

If you fell for the Political News Medias caricature of Donald Trump, put out there to try and convince they voters they were wrong and that the Political Industrial Complex* knows better, then you really need to stop a second and decide if you really want to be the tool of these elites. That meme was placed out there to fool people.

Do you want to live your life being their useful idiot?

Anyone can make a mistake or be fooled by the news media and politicians. Heck, I fell for every fictional claim about Ronald Reagan as I prepared to vote for the first time in a Presidential election. I bought the Democrat’s BS hook, line and sinker. Back then all of my family were Democrats. So I voted for Carter and, when he lost, awaited the end of the world.

But then I watch Ronald Reagan govern for 8 years, and bring this country back up to its greatness. And I realized I had been the tool of the Democrat propaganda machine.

I never, ever belonged to a political party again. I support issues and policies, but I do my own research. I never take anything a politician says at face value. The more I support a politician (say George W Bush), the more I have to cross check and be skeptical – just to make sure my feelings don’t mess with my knowledge.

As for the news media – I am the proverbial rocket scientist (except I don’t work on the rocket end of things, more the command, control and communications end). I can tell you the news media barely grass what they report on. Their smug ignorance is legend. Needless to say, they hold little value to me except as insight into the power plays in government. Something I also see every day.

So I may sound harsh, but if you want to know what is going on in this world you CANNOT listen to those nattering nabobs on TV as your source of information and knowledge.

Anyway, there are a few who are getting what happened this week. They are communicating their insights out so as to help and warn people who did not see this coming.

But first, a little self pat-on-the-back. Nate Silver is out addressing how his personal desires may have caused him to claim too much confidence in a Clinton win. An objective eye would have been warning everyone there is no clear indicator in the polls. Silver mentioned this caveat as an aside, but really should have driven it home as his core finding – Too Close To Call.

Anyway, I want to borrow his map of the likely 2016 Electoral College to compare it to my own predictions – which were much better than Silver’s (we rocket folks also use sophisticated math, models and statistics). Here is where things should end up once the final states are called:

And here is my map I put out the morning of the election:

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, 500px” srcset=”×218.jpg 300w,×558.jpg 768w,×744.jpg 1024w, 1376w” alt=”AJStrata_Election_Map” width=”500″ height=”363″ />AJStrata’s Election Prediction

Not too bad, if I may say so myself.

But to put the ego-patting aside, I think I have earned some credibility in terms of clarity of insight regarding this nation at this pivotal time. From my little perch just outside the DC beltway, in the belly of the beast, I found the following postmortem’s to be most clear-eyed. Watch or read these in their entirety. It is worth the extra time.

First, this from Slate:

The Democratic Party establishment has beclowned itself and is finished.

The party establishment made a grievous mistake rallying around Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t just a lack of recent political seasoning. She was a bad candidate, with no message beyond heckling the opposite sideline. She was a total misfit for both the politics of 2016 and the energy of the Democratic Party as currently constituted. She could not escape her baggage, and she must own that failure herself.

Theoretically smart people in the Democratic Party should have known that. And yet they worked giddily to clear the field for her. Every power-hungry young Democrat fresh out of law school, every rising lawmaker, every old friend of the Clintons wanted a piece of the action. This was their ride up the power chain. The whole edifice was hollow, built atop the same unearned sense of inevitability that surrounded Clinton in 2008, and it collapsed, just as it collapsed in 2008, only a little later in the calendar. The voters of the party got taken for a ride by the people who controlled it, the ones who promised they had everything figured out and sneeringly dismissed anyone who suggested otherwise. They promised that Hillary Clinton had a lock on the Electoral College. These people didn’t know what they were talking about, and too many of us in the media thought they did.

This is a grueling but necessarily treatise on how the Political Elite played God and got burned. The essence here is wake up and fix the Democrat Party.

And here is another good assessment:

The mood in the Washington press corps is bleak, and deservedly so.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that, with a few exceptions, we were all tacitly or explicitly #WithHer, which has led to a certain anguish in the face of Donald Trump’s victory. More than that and more importantly, we also missed the story, after having spent months mocking the people who had a better sense of what was going on.

This is all symptomatic of modern journalism’s great moral and intellectual failing: its unbearable smugness. Had Hillary Clinton won, there’s be a winking “we did it” feeling in the press, a sense that we were brave and called Trump a liar and saved the republic.

So much for that. The audience for our glib analysis and contempt for much of the electorate, it turned out, was rather limited. This was particularly true when it came to voters, the ones who turned out by the millions to deliver not only a rebuke to the political system but also the people who cover it. Trump knew what he was doing when he invited his crowds to jeer and hiss the reporters covering him. They hate us, and have for some time.

And can you blame them? Journalists love mocking Trump supporters. We insult their appearances. We dismiss them as racists and sexists. We emote on Twitter about how this or that comment or policy makes us feel one way or the other, and yet we reject their feelings as invalid.

Understand something, the caricature of Trump and his supporters is all fiction! It was the wallpaper inside the bubble of the elites that kept them from having to face the fact they are being rejected by the people of this country.

It is not racist to want to control our borders and stem the influx – for a period – of people from other lands. It is not racist to note that Islam has a violent element willing to kill innocents at any time and any place. Just like one bad cop can give all cops a bad rap, so can a handful of bloody insane Muslims. It is not racist or nativist to deport immigrants who have committed serious felonies.

The media over stated the drivers behind  these views to propel their candidate to victory. They were not reporting facts.

The last good perspective was from the Morning Joe show:

If you are willing to have an open mind and want to reconnect with the America that just elected Donald Trump, you can start with these.

* The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

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6 Responses to “A Few Understand What Just Happened”

  1. oneal lane says:

    RCP is still showing pre-election data. No post election vote counts or final electoral college numbers.

    Perhaps they are still in mourning and cannot function.

    What states are still out?


  2. oneal lane says:


    I finally found RCP’s post election map. They sure hide it well!


  3. MarkN says:


    Good call. You missed CO, WI and NH. Although NH hasn’t been called yet. I don’t know what happened to CO. Too many pro-amnesty global republicans voted for Hillary and Johnson.

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    “What happened to CO” …

    I’ll tell ya: all the idjits who can’t afford Commie-fornia anymore moved HERE. But they still vote Libtard.

    That means every empty-headed feel-good “solution” to inconsequential “problems” that are only visible to fuzzy-wuzzy fluffbunnies when they squint hard, –and that NEEEED tons o’ taxpayer money to implement– got passed.

    My only consolation is they’ll make THIS Little Bit Of Paradise too expensive for their tastes, and they’ll move on and ruin someplace else. Just, not quickly enough.

    I think it might have been Fred Reed who said something along the lines of, “Go with God, and Go in Peace — but GO!!”


  5. KauaiBoy says:

    This was so enjoyable to read, I had to read it twice.

    The county by county map of “what happened” is very telling and encouraging as it identifies the overpopulated echo chambers while illustrating how much of America is still populated by Americans.

    I also think the results herald the death of both parties and the rise of the American Party who voted Trump and the Progressive Party who didn’t. The Republicans need not be so quick to pat themselves on the back as if it were up to them, they would have put up another Bush.

    Lastly, I think it would be a good time for the Progressives to stop poking the grizzly bear with a stick, take a nice road trip across America (as I did twice this summer–hat tip me) and take the time to listen to the people they meet.

    Enjoy the Greatness!!!!

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