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Oct 10 2006

Folyegate Unraveling On Democrats

Happened to be one of those rare days when I am in the car when Rush is on and saying something of interest to me (you would be surprised how rare that actually is!) and he asked if the Foley story would have legs. If it is about Foley and Hastert – no. But if […]

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Oct 10 2006

Mike Rogers Is Blackmailing Our Government

The Liberal smear campaign is hitting its ugly peak. Mike Rogers has supposedly identified two gay men who work (or in this case worked) in the House. This sexual McCarthyism is a clear sign of how the nation will operate under Democrats. People will live in fear of being outted as a closetted gay, closetted […]

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Oct 08 2006

Jeff Trandahl, Kirk Fordham And The Foley Emails

Update: The RCP Blog noticed a Washington Post article that might confirm the theory Trandahl had been covering for Foley on more than one occasion: A Republican congressman knew of disgraced former representative Mark Foley’s inappropriate Internet exchanges as far back as 2000 and personally confronted Foley about his communications. A spokeswoman for Rep. Jim […]

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Oct 08 2006

Reps So Embarrassed To Elect Speaker Pelosi?

Lot’s of talk about 2006 being a re-run of 1976 when, sickened by the media image of a fallen President Nixon, Republicans stayed home and allowed Jimmie Carter to become our President. In a strange way Carter helped get us to where we are today. He turned his back on the Shah of Iran, allowing […]

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Oct 08 2006

The Media Source And The Staffer – Not The Same

We know that the initial, non-salacious emails that initiated Foleygate (and were not illegal and of little interest to reputable news organizations, the FBI and the House leadership) were sent from the Louisianna Page to Danielle Savoy, staff member to Rodney Alexander, the representative who sponsored the LA Page. We also know that the emails […]

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Oct 07 2006

John Aravosis And Crew And Foley Emails

John Aravosis is yapping up a storm, and letting out details he doesn’t quite comprehend are (a) not common knowledge and (b) implicate him as working to orchestrate Foleygate in the media. It is important to note all the activity in July of 2006 regarding the non-salacious emails between Foley and a Page from Louisianna […]

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Oct 07 2006

Email Custody Trail Update

In this post I went through and analyzed artifacts in the headers and footers of the CREW version of Foley related emails to show that what we had were two sets of emails, printed out a month apart. One set was between Foley and the LA Page. The second set of emails was between the […]

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Oct 07 2006

Gay Outter Tries To Divert Attention

Why would Mike Rogers be ready to out Gay Republican staffers in an attempt to make sure the FBI questions them on the Mark Foley matter? [H/T Mac Ranger]: Well, America, I want other closeted staffers questioned. I want all entities investigating this matter to look at every other closeted staffer who may have contributed […]

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Oct 07 2006

Concerns Over Ex-Page

I just received a very strange email from a very solid source regarding some late breaking concerns about Vivyan Tyson, the Ex-Page who has been on many TV news shows. The strange email was basically a forwarded email from a group calling themselves “Concerned Pages”. I can not find anything on this group wich makes […]

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Oct 07 2006

Message To Democrats: This Is Not America

The Foley scandal has brought out the worst in the Democrats. One man has misused his position of power to possibly prey on children or young adults. But that one person’s behvior is not an excuse to violate other tenants of America, including innocence until proven guilty in a court of law and honor and […]

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