Oct 07 2006

Concerns Over Ex-Page

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I just received a very strange email from a very solid source regarding some late breaking concerns about Vivyan Tyson, the Ex-Page who has been on many TV news shows. The strange email was basically a forwarded email from a group calling themselves “Concerned Pages”. I can not find anything on this group wich makes me think it is some entity just recently formed to push back on some of the Foley scandal. From the email it seems Mr. Tyson may have some ulterior motives, and these motives have been the possible reason CNN has cancelled Mr. Tyson’s presence on their major news shows:

In light of the following communication, CNN has cancelled Tyson Vivyan’s appearances scheduled for Friday, October 6, 2006, on Larry King Live and Paula Zahn due to concerns of their Ethics and Legal Departments. Fox News has also cancelled Vivyan’s appearance on Weekend Live. Rush Limbaugh today mentioned our communication during his broadcast.

This part of the email is easy to confirm, so I am not too worried about posting it. I am pondering the rest. Here is how the group describes themselves and there overall view of Vivyan Tyson:

This message is sent by former Page colleagues of Tyson Vivyan (“Vivyan”). As a threshold matter, we write based on years of personal knowledge of and experience with Vivyan. Were a proper forum to determine that Mark Foley engaged in unethical behavior that resulted in some illegality, we would freely join in calling for his punishment. Notwithstanding the demons that Mark Foley must face as an individual and a betrayer of the public trust, we believe that Vivyan is an extremely uncredible source, that his various stories are at best gross exaggerations, and that he is generally bent on causing unfounded harm to the< United States Congress and its Page program while bringing himself media attention.

The rest of the email just describes their view about how Mr Tyson may have been more involved with Foley than always victim. They point this to on August 19, 2004 (making Tyson 24-25 at the time). People can read it for themselves to see Tyson was the one making overtures to Foley. Is Tyson a jaded ex-fling? Given these are Tyson’s own words I already made public by MSNBC, again I see no problem repeating them here. It does seem that this entire story is on really shakey ground now.

I still want ABCNews and CREW and the StopSexPredators website to explain how the website was able to forge emails based on evidence CREW and ABCNews had in their posession from at least May 29, 2006 (when CREW received the Fax of the redacted emails). How is it communications between the LA Page and Staffer Danielle Savoy in Rep Rodney Alexander’s office from August 2005 make into the hands of all these media outlets in November 2005 and Spring 2006?

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