Oct 10 2006

Mike Rogers Is Blackmailing Our Government

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The Liberal smear campaign is hitting its ugly peak. Mike Rogers has supposedly identified two gay men who work (or in this case worked) in the House. This sexual McCarthyism is a clear sign of how the nation will operate under Democrats. People will live in fear of being outted as a closetted gay, closetted lesbian, etc. The rule of law will be destroyed as the media becomes the new legal authority regarding who is right and who is wrong. Rogers is illustrating the power Goebbels and his ilk wielded in Nazi Germany – to use the public square to ridicule and harrass and to blackmail. This is what we can expect more of if the Democrats win in November, because a Democrat win will be seen as an affirmation that McCarthy-like tactics work. We are on the brink of losing what America has represented to mankind for 200 years. This is not a time to sit back and let it happen. Rogers is probably reacting to the fact he may be part of the investigation and he is doing using his gutter mentality to try and distract from his deeds and get the FBI off his back. Clearly, this person will do just about anything to gain power and notoriety.

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  1. Limerick says:


    The media’s ‘Kristallnacht’ was Watergate. From the moment President Nixon resigned the media has used ALL of it’s influence to steer the public instead of informing the public. It cheery picks the details of every story.

    To turn the country over to the democrats will lead to two years of endless gridlock and investigations that will strengthen our enemies belief that America stands for nothing but indicision. When the dems jumped the Bush adminstration over Korea yesterday it showed clearly that protecting America and Americans is just a side show for them. Bush was right, what happened to the party of FDR and Truman?

    We can still pull this election out. GET OUT THE VOTE.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Yes AJ and also his little server shutdown the other day matched up with his moving the servers overseas to the Netherlands to cloud his legal position.

    Also both of the outings were not in conformance with is own stated reasoning for outing people and commentors to his outing post confirm that.

  3. perdogg says:

    Why doesn’t the GOP just hit back??????

  4. mad_cow says:

    Somewhat OT but I wanted to follow up on a comment I posted last week at PoliPundit and was referenced on this blog here:

    Selena Zito was on the Source 101 FM in Birmingham, Alabama this morning. Lee Davis asked her to follow up on what she said last week on the program. She said she had a lead that a democratic operative had carnal (her word) knowledge of the Foley matter but he would not come clean and she could not force him to.

    After that, they went to a commercial break and when the interview resumed the subject changed to what the Republicans can still do to win in November. I was unable to listen to the entire interview, so if the Foley matter was revisited, I didn’t hear it.

    She also addressed the subject she brought up last week regarding other outings that would hurt the Republicans, and we all know now that Mike Rogers is behind this. She thinks this will backfire.

  5. Individual Thinkers…

    We do not want a “robot”, we do not want our representatives to march in a line where they cannot even be distinguished from one another. The American people have proven election after election that they desire people who can think and take actions, …

  6. Karig says:

    You’re right, AJ. One thing we can’t afford to do is let the Democrats get rewarded with victory for going on this kind of pull-out-the-stops mass smear campaign.

    Shame on any would-be Republican voter who is seriously considering staying home on Election Day.

  7. roonent1 says:

    AJ and ALL,

    One of the ways to deal with Mike Rogers is take away his platform to receive donations to carry on this blackmail campaign.

    I filed a complaint with Paypal and I recommend everyone else do the same. He is using PayPal’s services, so it reflects on them. If enough people complain to them, they may not allow him to use their service.

  8. Enlightened says:

    AJ – Why is O’Reilly giving this asshat a forum?

    He has allegedly “outed” a known gay Republican (Lancaster) and the other – Meacham has not worked for the House for a several months.

    He is quite simply a moron chasing his 15 minutes, and every time he’s given a forum he gets 15 more. Nice one O’Reilly.

    The guy should be ignored and ostracized for the abject scum he is. He is doing nothing but keeping this story in the news long enough for the elections. I truly hope that anyone he allegedly outs just keeps their mouths shut. They have no obligation morally or ethically to respond to allegations about their private life.

    Conservative homophobes and bigots that have fed into it and now threaten to walk away from the party when it needs them most should be ashamed.

  9. carol johnson says:

    AJ –

    Seen this yet? They think they know who is at the bottom of this whole Foley mess and guess who he works for? You got it, Nancy Pelosi!!



  10. Ken says:

    As the Iraq war comment entry isn’t working. I am correcting Strata’s
    blunders in this space.

    ONE-the Iraqis themselves have called on America, in several polls
    stretching back to 2004, to declare a timeline on its exit, then get out.
    Failure to do so has grown the insurgency and will continue to grow it.

    TWO-Strata says “the Sunnis are turning on the insurgents.” Not
    true. Some of the native Sunni insurgents are turning on the foreign al Qaeda insurgents, while still fighting American occupation.
    They will bo no means follow us to America once we leave,as Strata
    infers. Indeed US occupation increases worldwide jihad membership
    enough to empower them to ultimately fight the US on many more fronts.

  11. spree says:

    I have a problem with the interview that Mike Rogers did with O’reilly last night. His reasoning behind outing gay representatives.

    Now, before I say this…please let me make it clear that I am separating Foley the politician from Foley the “gay” man. I am not, in any way, shape or form defending the apparent actions in the page scandal. (my disclaimer so I do not get jumped on).

    Rogers stated that he was upset that Foley, being gay, voted against gay men and womens interests…. here lies my problem with that.

    Politically, aren’t our representatives “supposed” to vote in the way the people that elected them, want them to vote? Foley did what the people who voted him into office ASKED him to do. (NOT referring to the Foley FireStorm here, just his politics).

    But Rogers mentality here, saying: Gay men should always vote for gay rights, well it doesn’t work that way! Gay or straight, a representative is supposed to vote the way the people they represent want them to vote.

    To try to blackmail all gay representatives into voting any other way, is wrong in my eyes, morally and ethically.

  12. Limerick says:

    Ken writes: ‘they will my no means follow us to America if we leave’……

    “Chamberlain seemed such a nice old gentleman
    that I thought I would give him my autograph.”

    Adolf Hitler

  13. Limerick says:

    Ken, I repeat the same questions from this weekend that you refused to answer:


    What is your view of what America ’should’ look like?What is your idea of American foreign policy? Tell us what America would look like on the farm, the factories, the cities. Which foreign governments deserve our friendship and charity? Which do not? How are taxes levied in America. Please give us an example of how your idea of a proper American government would respond to nations like Iran, N.Korea, and Venezula. Open our eyes.

  14. Enlightened says:

    Well, I think the obvious resounding Pfffftttt goes Mike’s newest “outings” is testament to the fact that Americans do NOT support Mike Rogers and his attempts to blackmail politicians into submission.

    This is exactly how the Republicans need to continue dealing with this puke of a man. Ignore. Ignore some more. And finally – the pissant goes back to his rants on his pathetic blog. The less hits on that piece of junk the better.

  15. Ken says:


    first, a retort by conservative ex Wall Street Journal editor
    PC Roberts to Strata’s glowing economy estimation.

    Limerick-even Hitler was in no position, ever , to take on
    America in our hemisphere and win. And he had a hundred
    times the military capacity as does the rag tag jihad. And
    Limerick, this is Strata’s site, not mine. It is not for me to
    present a comprehensive political program here, only
    to comment on Strata’s and others’ opinions with brief

  16. Limerick says:


    Thank you for your intellectual dishonesty.

  17. sloop says:

    i posted the letter i sent to bill o’reilly here


    concerning his interview with mike rogers – not for the faint of heart

    my comment is from (oddly enough) – sloop