Oct 07 2006

John Aravosis And Crew And Foley Emails

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John Aravosis is yapping up a storm, and letting out details he doesn’t quite comprehend are (a) not common knowledge and (b) implicate him as working to orchestrate Foleygate in the media. It is important to note all the activity in July of 2006 regarding the non-salacious emails between Foley and a Page from Louisianna (aka, the LA Page). I have done numerous posts on these emails (the last one here with back referencing links). Reader TopSecretK9 as reminded me of this Aravosis comment when he admitted in October that he had the Foley Emails in July and mentioned he had done nothing after talking to CREW. She found this recent Aravosis post which tipped some more information out:

When I received the Foley emails this past July, had I been warned two or three years ago that Foley was stalking pages, I’d have turned the emails over to the FBI myself, not waiting for CREW to do it (which was shortly after I received them anyway). But I didn’t receive the warnings Denny Hastert received. I didn’t know five years ago that Foley was stalking pages – like Denny Haster knew, since his office warned the pages 5 years ago to stay away from Foley.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… So Aravosis was one of those involved in moving the non-salacious emails around. He clearly did not turn them over to the FBI because he was waiting for CREW to do that – for the little band of liberal warriors? In he has a slightly different story:

as noted before, shortly after I got the emails CREW told me they had sent them to the FBI and I figured that was the best way to handle them – silly me, since the FBI is now part of the cover-up

Then John gets threatening and nasty, ready to expose his compatriots who also had the emails (before July):

If CNN dares go there with me, I’ve already told them that I’ll be asking the host in return why it is that ABC, the LA Times, the Miami Herald, the Palm Beach Post, several other publications and little old me had the memos all this time but CNN didn’t.

Johnny is feeling the heat. It seems he was ‘waiting’ on CREW to go to the FBI since they clearly said they would do so. They told him they did go to the FBI, but apparently they also told them they would go to trhe FBI. What is interesting about this is ABC News is mentioned has having the Emails “all this time” and CNN didn’t. The question is where did Aravosis get his copies. Interestingly, Aravosis posted the FORGED versions of the emails from the StopSexPredators (SPP) website! These are clearly forged because there is no date fields in the headers and the punctuation is not right compared to those from ABC News and CREW. Why did Aravosis use the faked up versions on his blog? We need to see what versions he has, but the only version he showed were those from SSP. He admits coordinating things with CREW and uses the forged emails to create a post (in haste, no doubt). We seem to be getting closer to the truth.

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  1. RBMN says:

    From people like Aravosis, I expect to see lots of legal slow-walking and convenient lapses of memory between now and election day. I’m sure they think, that after election day and mission accomplished, nobody will care what they did or didn’t do to influence the election. I hope they’re wrong.

  2. Foleygate, Part….Oh Who Cares….

    Yup, damn those people who wish to keep their sex lives private….Damn them I tell you!


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    From the Palm Beach Post back on September 29th:
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  4. RBMN says:

    Are we sure that anybody (outside Congress) ever DID contact the FBI before a couple weeks ago, and provided them some hard evidence about Foley that wasn’t ambiguous or worthless? All we have is their word for it.

  5. roonent1 says:


    This is off topic but very important for voters to see and understand.

    I think you will like this pic. Feel free to use it or email it around.


  6. AJStrata says:


    Actually what we are sure of is the emails between Foley and the LA Page are not illegal or sufficient to warrant much investigation. Multiple news organizations concluded this, as did the FBI from the CREW referal in July. The IMs surfaced, per ABC News claims, after the over-hyped story about the fake emails on the website. Interestingly enough, John Aravosis is now claiming ABC news read the salacious IMs to Foley which caused him to resign. But ABC News claims those came into their possession after he resigned.

    And that is why this fiasco is not a simple and closed matter. Faked emails and conflicting claims by the liberal people who had knowledge and hid that knowledge for partisan gain.

  7. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    I just find it interesting JAv. was waiting for CREW to send them to authorities…there was NO public report that CREW was involved, how did JA know CREW had them at all?

  8. AJStrata says:


    I have sent you emails on your claim to having earlier versions of the CREW email file. Where can I find these?!


  9. Sarah Green says:

    “Interestingly enough, John Aravosis is now claiming ABC news read the salacious IMs to Foley which caused him to resign. But ABC News claims those came into their possession after he resigned.”


    ABC says the same thing Aravosis says about when they got the IM’s(from 9/29):

    “Yesterday, we asked the congressman about some much tamer e-mails from one page, and he said he was just being overly friendly. After we posted that story online, we began to hear from a number of other pages who sent these much more explicit, instant messages. When the congressman realized we had them, he resigned.”

    Here’s what I don’t buy about this story:

    ABC would never have gone with the original email story if they hadn’t already had the salacious IM’s. They would have been accused of gay-bashing. Also, the original story barely made a ripple in the news until Foley resigned. We’re supposed to believe that multiple pages saw that story and sent in their IM’s, before most of the country had even heard of the story?

  10. AJ Strata Provides Another Clue…

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