Oct 07 2006

Message To Democrats: This Is Not America

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The Foley scandal has brought out the worst in the Democrats. One man has misused his position of power to possibly prey on children or young adults. But that one person’s behvior is not an excuse to violate other tenants of America, including innocence until proven guilty in a court of law and honor and respect for fellow Americans (and their reputation). I understand many on the left have worked up secret fantasies in their heads about a ressurection of liberalism in this country. I understand these people bad mouth everyone who disagrees with them when they huddle together, in order to easily prop up their egos and avoid the hard path of having to actually debate and acquiesce with everyone else in a serious and adult manner. How else could these people be selected to save the world unless the rest of us our evil and stupid. But while all that may fit nicely into how people personally face the reality that liberalism is a concept that had run its course, it does not mean we in America are going to respect when that frustration boils over and crosses the line of basic civility.

Case in point in is the Democrat baseless rant response to the President’s radio address this weekend (a Holiday that for me includes the town’s homecoming parade and HS football game – a time of community). The radical response that has been recorded for this weekend is an afront to America and her values, nothing more:

Patty Wetterling stood in the KSTP studios in St. Paul on Friday afternoon, her hands shaking slightly as she talked about keeping children safe, ex-U.S. Rep. Mark Foley and political scandal.

“Foley sent obvious predatory signals, received loud and clear by members of congressional leadership, who swept them under the rug to protect their political power,”…

This is not the first time Wetterling or a Democrat or a liberal media talking head has made slanderous and false charges. Wetterling lost a child 17 years ago, and my heart goes out to her for that. But again, that does not provide her any extra special rights or protections against harming others in a fit of misguided anguish. If she is having troubles separating he drive for power from her loss, and if she cannot distinguish between people who disagree with her politically verses a true predator, then it is not the Republicans fault she is not up for the job of elected leader.

Her opponent summed it up well, and made it clear that those of us politically opposed to the left will not stand by and be their emotional punching bags, outlets for their frustrations with life.

But her opponent, Republican state Sen. Michele Bachmann, contends Wetterling is crossing the line from advocacy into partisanship. She points to Wetterling’s recent TV ad criticizing Republican leadership for failing to act sooner about Foley.

In the ad, produced within days after the scandal broke, Wetterling charged that “congressional leaders have admitted covering up the predatory behavior of a congressman who used the Internet to molest children.”

“What just seems ironic here is that she’s more interested, at least from her TV ad, about going after Republicans than protecting the innocence of children,” said Bachmann.

When the ad first aired, “no one had admitted anything” about what they knew or didn’t know, Bachmann said.

“At this point, what would be wrong is to turn this into a partisan battle,” she said. “Like in her TV ad, she calls for lopping off the heads of Republicans before she had the facts.”

Charging ahead and throwing out wild accusations at your competition (good people trying to run for office are not the devil incarnate) without the facts (and in this case despite the facts) is simply not America – or one we want. If every person of power could lash out at someone they disagreed with and slander their reputation, what kind of country would this be? The Democrats are once again offering this country nothing in terms of proposals and ideas and simply begging us to be their enablers and condone acts we wouldn’t allow inside our homes. While I am not completely happy with the Reps and their misteps and their over reaching, the fact is they have goals and ideas in mind (and a track record now of not destroying the country for 12 years).

Lashing out half cocked may feel good, but it will never represent what we want as a core characteristic of this country. Muckraking and impugning the character of those you simply disagree with is not something we will hold up proudly and say “this is America”. The reason I know liberalism is a dead movement is because the defining feature of it now is unhinged anger. It also has an over abundance of vague, simple platitudes wrapped in foul mouthed, immature adjectives about people who do not embrace vague, simple platitudes as the total depth of reality in this existence. It is not simply ‘care and protect the children’. Oh there are days when I wish it was. You have to let them grow, investigate, discover the world and the people in it, to wander on their own (in stages), to deal with the good and the bad in the world – safely.

The LA Page, whose emails started this whole scandal (and which were apparently forged by a website used as a supposed source for the emails) went to his parents and his Congressional sponsor and asked for the uncomfortable (but not illegal) communications to stop. The Parents and the leadership of the House took action and the communications stopped. The family involved asked for the affair to stay quiet – as it should have. The use of this inoccuous event to drive a made-up national scandal did result in one thing, kids and families facing future acts like this – or worse – will be less inclined to do something if they cannot retain their privacy in doing so. This family has stated publically the greatest threat in this set of events was the media and partisan publicity and attention.

This is not America. We do not make wild accusations. We do not abuse the proper acts of children and parents to stop something from happening as bludgeon agains them and others. We do not use stereotypes to insinuate guitl – that is pure profiling (like to say a Gay man is fond of young men leads to predation of children). We excised those demons of bigotry, racism, sexism, etc as best we could. We do not want them back. Democrats should heed this warning.

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  1. Ken says:

    Ordi- the mainstream media was accused by Limerick of
    being controlled by the “extreme left” (so-called). Unfortunately
    before the Iraq War both the hard left and the hard right were
    assiduously challenging the false intelligence Bush was cherrypicking
    while the MSM was parading it as factual.

  2. ordi says:

    The MSM ONLY paraded it as factual because the history was there. Go read what Kerry, Clinton, Hillary, Levin, Kennedy Et al were saying prior to Bush EVER entering the Oval Office. The error goes back further than Bush doesn’t it? Yes, it does and if you are intellectually honest you will admit that it does. It goes back at least as far as Bsuh 41 and Clinton. So stop with the Bush lied meme because it makes you look and sound stupid and I know you are not.

  3. Limerick says:

    Ken: If you READ my first post it says left. It doesn’t say ‘extreme left’ as that would be an oxymoron. Also your last few posts indicate that you want the focus redirected away from Foleygate and back to Denialgate. Feeling nervous?

  4. Ken says:

    Ordi-Iraqi defectors eg Kamel later killed on return told US
    authorities the truth-Saddam had destroyed his WMDs. Scott
    Ritter vouchsafed it when he resigned, also rightly disgusted
    the inspections were being used by the CIA to spy, against
    UN edict.

    -Your mention of Bush the First only obfuscates the issue.
    At the time the MSM refused to investigate, Buchanan had
    already exposed WMD lies emanating from Tel Aviv through the
    Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans run by the Zionist “American”
    Doug Feith, whose attitudes can be ascertained in his promotion
    of mass expulsion of Palestinians, his Likud Party assistance.
    Zelikow admitted a key motive of the war was to protect Israel
    but ,as this was controversial, the WMD issue was featured.

    According to your reasoning, anything true in 1993 should
    not have been re-researched by the MSM in 2003.

  5. The Macker says:

    Ken trots out his anti-war, white supremicist, anti-zionist, paleo- conservative, sources as “evidence” for his conspiratorial theories. Whether Bush “planned” or had “fore-knowledge” of 9-11 are equally stupid and a needless distinction. The anti-war movement is as dishonest and disruptive now as it was during the Viet Nam War and is costing innocent lives. The “fascist lobby” is alive and well.

  6. Limerick says:

    So by KEN’s reasoning: Protecting Israel is WRONG and cowtowing to the UN is RIGHT.

    There you go folks.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    Hey Lefty,
    “Kerry of course, no hero of mine, did NOT have access to the
    same array of intelligence”

    I am not the one, Limbaugh is not the one, Hannity is not the one,
    that said Kerry had knowledge of WMD’s

    Kerry is the one that said it. What, you think he would lie?

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Ordi, you said to Ken

    “if you are intellectually honest”

    Be advised no one has ever accused Ken of being intellectually honest.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, I know you wouldn’t be interested in this little update,, just this week.

    By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball
    Updated: 6:34 p.m. CT Oct 4, 2006

    Oct. 4, 2006 – House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Peter Hoekstra is still pressing U.S. intelligence agencies to look for possible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

    The search has not been entirely fruitless. The DIA has discovered another 300 old chemical shells lying around the war-torn country. That’s in addition to the 500 sarin shells mentioned in a declassified Pentagon intelligence report revealed by Hoekstra and Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum last June.

    So that’s 800+ chemical gas shells in a country that DOESN’T have WMD’s. How many would you expect to find in a country that DOES have WMD’s?

    In what category would you put the shells if not WMD?

  10. ordi says:


    The Macker left out one word to describe your “so called sources”,



    Man, you need better sources! You also need better arguments and retorts. You only addressed 1993. Did it slip your mind I also was talking about Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy, Gore Et Al and what they said in 2002 and 2003? Why won’t you address that?? Others on this thread have also asked you about them. Hmmmmmmmmm You must be stuck on stupid.

    According to your reasoning, anything that happened from 1993 to 2003 and was NOT said by Bush 43 and his Admin is to be ignored and unmentioned by YOU or the MSM.

    Ken, you have proved Enforcement correct, no one can accuse you of being intellectually honest because you are not.

  11. Limerick says:

    Ken, you win. I just got your latest copy of the Lefty Times: These are the stories that convinced me;

    Gettysburg, Pa
    Republican President Lincoln, in a blatently partisian move, announced the Emmancipation Prolamation in order to improve his devastated Republican base.

    Washington DC
    Republican President Roosevelt secretly dispatched the American Navy to Venezulan waters without the approval of any congress oversite committee to try and start a war with the German Navy who was blockcading that countrys ports in a nice way.

    Plains, GA
    Democratic President Carter, as a man of peace, gave the green light to the peace loving Iranian Revolutionary Council to keep their housegates until they were finished with their honest points against American Zionism.

    Gee, now that I’m converted at least maybe I’ll get some of that money from the top 2%.

  12. Limerick says:

    sorry too much anger, too little typing skills

  13. Ken says:

    Starting with Limerick’s first comment: The US can continue to defy by refusing to enforce ,the UN resolutions against Israel, ordering them to vacate the West Bank and Samaria and continue to enforce only those against Arab countries….right up until we have so many enemies so angry at us we are overwhelmed and must retreat. In fact the quagmire in Iraq might already represent the boiling point.

    FEnforcement should ask himself why Bush won’t back Hoekstra, nor will Powell . Let me save him the trouble—these are not WMDs as defined by the military nor are they the WMDs Rumsfeld, Cheney
    and Bush assured the populace would be found.

    Ordi: Kerry did not have access to the intelligence Bush did, even in 2003. Get it?

  14. Barbara says:


    Are you sure you don’t belong to CAIR? You really hate all the US stands for, so I must assume you are one of the enemies within or you are not a US citizen at all. All the misinformation you are dribbling is riciculous.

  15. willy says:

    “In what category would you put the shells if not WMD?”

    Old useless munitions that pose zero threat to the USA? In what category do you put 3,000 dead americans, 20,000 wounded and $300,000,000 taxdollars down the toilet?

    Now North Korea does have WMD, but of course we’re too bogged down in the quagmire of “Mission Accomplished” to thump our flight jackets and yell “bring ’em on.”

    Isn’t it sad–George HW Bush a genuine war hero, star baseball player at Yale and a successful businessman spawning a Yale cheerleader-laddie, an AWOL from the Guard, and an alcoholic bankrupt?

    What I can’t understand is why you lot defend him.