Oct 07 2006

Gay Outter Tries To Divert Attention

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Why would Mike Rogers be ready to out Gay Republican staffers in an attempt to make sure the FBI questions them on the Mark Foley matter? [H/T Mac Ranger]:

Well, America, I want other closeted staffers questioned. I want all entities investigating this matter to look at every other closeted staffer who may have contributed to this national disgrace.

So…. Beginning Monday, and every weekday thereafter, I will be identifying the name of a closeted senior staffer in Congress with the hopes that those investigating this matter will make sure to include them in their questioning. And I hope the press looks for them as well. It’s time to rid the government of those that would harm us.

Simple answer – to divert attention away from Mikey. This is the old game of trying to throw others at the wolves in some lame hope they will not eat you. Sadly it only means you will be eaten last. But that is also only if the wolves buy into the diversion. But it is much worse than that for Mike.

First, Mike seems to be running a bit scared because he is now under investigation. Notice he says “I want other closeted staffers questioned”. That tells me a bunch of things (besides the fact Mike needs to not talk when in trouble). First off, it means the ‘other staffers’ under investigation must be closeted ‘democrat staffers’ – or more likely just democrat staffers. Second, it tells me Mike knows this because he has inside information – likely from the verys staffers under investigation. But why is Mike in trouble? Well, this looks just like open blackmail. If Mike is part of the coordinated leak, then this is a threat to those who are investigating to shut it all down or else Mike will ‘expose’ (read ‘hurt’) people near and dear to the investigators. He has now possibly added to his crimes in a dumb-a$$ act of immature bravado.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    He has since modified the post shortly after you read it.

    Hope you kept a copy.

  2. It sounds similar to what he said on Tucker Carlson on Thursday.

    I have the video. Rogers has a YouTube account that I have not studied much yet.


  3. roonent1 says:

    AJ and everyone,

    I recommend we all file complaints to PayPal about Mike Rogers. He is soliciting for donations through their organization to commit blackmail tactics that are a violation of the civil rights of anyone he outs. I have already filed my complaint with them.

  4. ordi says:

    Speaking of the list, I could NOT care less of who is on it! I have not surfed to find it nor have I come acrossed it. I consider myself an average American. If I am not curious or interesting in finding out who is on it, are other American’s? I doubt it. I think most American’s don’t give a shit! But I do care when someone attempts to use it to gain power from it! Like most American’s, it offends my scents of fairplay and I find it HIGHLY UNAmerican! American’s see this as a Witchhunt! There in lies the problem for the dems!

  5. Limerick says:

    Ordi, I couldn’t agree more. Don’t care who they are or what party they are from. The emphasis being switched to ‘gay bashing’ is pure BS. The dem’s started this by claiming leadership corruption and suddenly it has turned into an argument over ‘gays’. It is sort of fitting that it is becoming a ‘witch-hunt’. Salem IS in that blue state I believe. The dirtier the dem’s make this story the more it will turn off the public attention.

  6. Sleazeball Extraordinaire Joins Gay Outting Campaign…

    As if things could not get any more perverted, the master of sleaze, Wayne Madsen, cranks up his “gay out-o-meter”. This time, Madsen bypasses the oval office and goes to the Speaker of the House……

  7. Barbara says:

    The demcrats have so closed ranks that anyone voting against their agenda (even a fellow democrat ) is smeared and destroyed. I believe this is why the democrats vote en block on most issues. The only ones not voting en block are about the issues democrat incumbents know will make them lose in the election and they seem to get permission from the democratic leadership to vote against the party line in these cases. This is why the democrats hate the republicans so much. The republicans are thwarting them on all levels. Evil enemy…must be destroyed by any means whatsoever. This is the main reason I oppose the democrats. They do not vote on the issues. They vote to obstruct the republicans at every turn. If the republicans are for an issue, the democrats are against it. It doesn’t matter what their constituents want.
    The dems want to promote the democrat agenda regardless. I wonder if the constituents of democrat districts realize that they don’t matter. The issue of outing republican gays is not new. They
    just feel that in the climate of Foleygate the time is ripe for bashing republican gays. They want to bash all republicans. The difference in the two parties has never been greater. The democrat party since Clinton got in office has become so sleazy and vindictive it is surreal. It is appalling the lengths the democrats will go to get back into power.
    Surely, not half of this country are this devious and destructive. I can’t and won’t believe this. I think the democrat party has its useful idiots also. People who do not understand or indeed know how the democrats are acting. People who are not politically savvy and who don’t understand the issues but nevertheless go and vote. All this talk of its your duty to vote…not if you don’t know what you are voting for or even worse against.

    These two guys are the epitome of the dem party. Scorched earth politics. The bane of democracy and will lead to a one party system that will be the death of the republic.

  8. Pravda in Paradise(AKA the Palm Beach Post) just ran an article, with examples, suggesting that Foley’s voting record was very pro-gay and that he’d gotten substantial compaign contributions from the Human Rights Campaign PAC.

  9. momdear1 says:

    All this talk of blackmail and threats to out people reminds me that during the reign of the much maligned Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, homosexuals could not get security clearance for sensitive positions because they were considered security risks . It was accepted as fact that they would be vulnerable to blackmail. Looks like he may have been right.

    This whole thing stinks. Can you imagine …The party of the likes of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Bill Clinton, et al, are SHOCKED, SHOCKED to learn someone sent suggestive messages to someone. Who are they kidding?