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Mar 24 2010

Even France Ain’t Buying Cap & Tax

We all know the liberals in DC only have a few months left to finish destroying America (change we can believe in!), and at the top of their list is the fantasy of man-made global warming and the energy tax. They will do what they did on Health Care, and make up lies about how […]

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Mar 23 2010

Health Care Bill Small Business Killer

We have a small, fledgling business which struggles to stay afloat in these horrible economic times and under the brutal overhead requirements of government contracting. One thing I keep reading the ignoramuses in the White House claiming is the GOP will have a tough time convincing small business to repeal and replace Obama care: But, […]

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Mar 22 2010

Meet Michael Graham Thursday In McLean, VA

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Anyone from the DC area interested in meeting the esteemed Michael Graham he will be at the Books A Million store in McLean, VA at 7:00 PM Thursday, 3/25/10. Michael is one  of the unsung heros of the conservative movement. Also remember to check out his radio show.

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Mar 22 2010

At The Precipice

The House Democrats pulled off their miracle yesterday – though it was more corruption and misleading fig leaves than the coming of a brave new world. Mark Steyn said it best – Happy Dependence Day. Next test is in the Senate where all sorts of problems might arise, or might not. Right now I am […]

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Mar 21 2010

Obama & Dems Already Damaged Goods – Get On With The Vote

Heard a lot of nonsense and obfuscating from the Dems all morning. The worst was pretending the details don’t count, or the costs don’t count, or the Americans want this… The denial was puke-worthy. But the worst of it was the question of which path would damage Obama and the Dems! Earth to liberals – […]

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Mar 21 2010

Tea Party Radicals Destroy Movement’s Credibility

I went to the Tea Party protest last summer on the Mall. It was peaceful, festival-like gathering that welcomed the all generations of the American family. It had countless signs of outrage, but the mood of the people was respectful and energized. I have no idea about the protest yesterday, I had intended to go […]

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Mar 20 2010

The Path To The Dark Side Is Now Complete In DC

I spent my life inside the Beltway of DC – half a century now. I have seen how the place consumes people and then destroys their morales and honor. It is the endless power games, inside deals and ego trips of being ‘in charge’ that turn normal Americans into pathetic know-it-all politicians, consultants and elements […]

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Mar 19 2010

Are Dems Within 1 Vote Of FAILURE!?

According to The Hill’s whip count Dems are within in one ‘no’ vote of Obamacare failing. They show 36 in the “no”, “leaning no” or “likely no”. The magic number is 37 defections and the bill goes down. Lots of wishy-wash in those numbers, except they also count 47 undecided or unknown? Could all of […]

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Mar 19 2010

Centrist Dems Can Become American Heroes

Here is a wild fantasy scenario for centrist Democrats to strongly consider. We all know this debate is destroying the fabric of this country, tearing apart the republic with one of the ugliest, most corrupt, unconstitutional power grabs in history. We all know the pressure to buckle under the strong arm of liberal mad-hatters has […]

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Mar 19 2010

March On DC!

John Voight and Michelle Bachmann are announcing a march on DC this weekend to stop Obamacare.  Hopefully I will see you all there!

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