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Mar 03 2010

Liberals Run Amok Bribing For Votes In Congress

Dust off the impeachment laws, it looks like the liberals in DC are openly bribing members to get the votes they need. First we had the Louisiana Purchase for $300 million. Then the Corn huckster bribe and the Florida Advantage exceptions. Not to mention the union exceptions to health care taxes on their cadillac plans. […]

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Mar 03 2010

Liberals Incoherent On Health Care

One of the main reasons Obamacare is failing so badly with the American public is the comical twisted logic the liberals have had retreat to in order to try and rationalize their insane obsession with government run health care. It has gone from disturbing to down right scary-laughable. Dick Morris was highlighting on O’Reilly some […]

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Mar 03 2010

Canaries In Coal Mines

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There is a lesson to be learned for everyone in DC from the Texas GOP primary: With nearly all of the state’s more than 8,000 precincts reporting, Mr. Perry had 51%, while Ms. Hutchison had 31%. Nearly one in five voters cast ballots for newcomer Debra Medina, a favorite of Tea Party activists, in a […]

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