Mar 24 2010

Even France Ain’t Buying Cap & Tax

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We all know the liberals in DC only have a few months left to finish destroying America (change we can believe in!), and at the top of their list is the fantasy of man-made global warming and the energy tax. They will do what they did on Health Care, and make up lies about how America is broken and behind the rest of the world (remember Cuba’s world class health care spin?).

But this time they will have a hard time covering up the fact that even Europe is moving away from their socialist dreams, especially France:

The French government on Wednesday said it would abandon its plan to introduce a carbon tax on domestic energy and road fuels unless there was agreement for a European Union-wide levy.

Since an EU-wide carbon tax is unlikely to gain approval in months ahead, if at all – the Swedish government pushed the idea with little success during its EU presidency last year – the French levy has, in effect, been shelved.

France would have been the largest economy to impose a levy on energy use linked to a notional price of carbon. France has one of the lowest “carbon footprints” in Europe largely because of 88 per cent of its electricity comes from nuclear plants.

But the government adopted a carbon tax – originally intended to raise €3.5bn a year – to further reduce French emissions by targeting those from households, road transport, and industrial consumption of gas and oil.

This example is very enlightening. France has a low carbon footprint (even whilst it has yet to proven the current climate is driven by human generated carbon dioxide) because they maximize their use of nuclear power – something greenies have been blocking in the US for decades.

But the greenies wanted more in France. They wanted to tax everything. Not to fix the climate, but to get their greedy little hands on everyone’s money. And they were willing to cripple France’s economy to do it. They have the lowest carbon output of any large industrial nation and that was not enough?

Even worse, just like with Lindsay Graham (R-SC) here in the US, the tax was being championed more for political reasons than scientific ones. Greed and the desire to win elections – a toxic combination now the norm on the left.

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6 Responses to “Even France Ain’t Buying Cap & Tax”

  1. tarpon says:

    Apparently France don’t think they can support the lie with their people, unless the EU decides to support the lies. Not very comforting, when truth is so much easier and less taxing

  2. kathie says:

    I’ve heard that Graham/Kerry is going to recommend that we tax gasoline instead of cap and trade.

    My bet is immigration is next, it might be hardest to stop.

  3. WWS says:

    France had to face up to the same problem we have to face with China if we were to implement a carbon tax – if you implement an industry wide carbon tax but your trading partner doesn’t, then as soon as you pass it all the carbon intensive industries in your country shut down and move to your partner’s country. So it becomes an instant unemployment bill. All the talk about “green jobs” was an attempt to try and bluff past this effect, but the “green jobs” claim is a fraud – there is no wave of jobs waiting to be created there.

    France had to face the fact that during a time of high unemployment, they were about to ship most of their remaining manufacturing jobs to Germany and the rest of the EU if they passed this.

    This is why the Democrats next are crying “tarriffs! Trade war!” But between the US and China, that is forbidden by the WTO agreements, and in Europe of course forbidden by the EU charter. That’s why the hopes for any kind of bill like this, for anyone, died when the Copenhagen conference died in December.

    And remember, when anyone asks “why would a trade war with China be so bad?” that China retains the ability to destroy our economy overnight anytime they want by simply dumping their $2 trillion in t-bills on the market.

  4. WWS says:

    Graham had said earlier that if the Dems pushed reconciliation on Health Care that he was dropping out of attempts to push cap & tax.

    This is his test – does he have any integrity at all or is he just another Stupak? I haven’t decided yet – his actions on Cap and Tax the rest of this year will be what he should be judged on. ut if he is just another Stupak then it is not too early to begin attempts to flush him out of the Senate.

    A supposed “ally” who betrays you every time is worse than an honest enemy. That’s why traitors have always been the most hated people throughout human history.

    Stupak, btw, has dropped the mask completely and is now promoting the abortion mills of Planned Parenthood. I’m sure he’s being well paid for his efforts.

  5. Neo says:

    They really only care about the money attached to this lie.

  6. owl says:

    I truly try to tolerate Lindsay Graham, but dang he makes it hard work. I started watching him closer when he latched unto McCain and helped brand us as torturers in the hearings. Did they not understand the harm they were doing in not stopping that crap? I simply can’t tolerate anymore reaching across at this point on any issue. Zero.

    Yep, just what we need today……….more tax on gasoline. Let me guess about their next crisis. We need to pass Global Greed Tax so we can reduce the price of gasoline. Didn’t any of you notice that the price is higher? Yep, just like the health insurance costs, we must pass this tax for our own good. Good grief.