Mar 19 2010

March On DC!

John Voight and Michelle Bachmann are announcing a march on DC this weekend to stop Obamacare.  Hopefully I will see you all there!

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7 Responses to “March On DC!”

  1. WWS says:

    damn my warped memory circuits, I can’t think of Jon Voight without thinking of Ned Beatty.

    But you know, there’s a good analogy in there somewhere.

  2. oneal lane says:

    I wish I could go but not enough time to get there.

    If this monster passes I hope we have a nonstop rally from June to August, with a special big rally on the 4th of July. If it’s held all summer it will give people from all over the nation and world to get there. It would be grand for the spirit of limited government would break out in Europe.

    Watching the vote count reminds me of watching the polls before the election. I wake up durning the night and have a sinking feeling, is this really happening?” It is hard to believe, it was equally hard to believe this open marxist won the election. I keep waiting for the “adults’ to show up and stop this craziness.

  3. >I keep waiting for the “adults’ to show up and stop this

    The scary thing is that these people are adults.

  4. pjo says:

    I’ll be there and take a slogan from the politicians “I am doing for the Children”

  5. oneal lane says:

    Sad to say but it looks like they are going to succeed in the vote count. Obama is telling the world its not about him, and privately he is telling Dems. its about his presidency and the Dem agenda.

    Evidently “deem and pass” is not a unusual process and has been used many time previously. It is doubtful that the claim that it is “unconstitutional in process” will lead to nullification.
    But I would be glad to see an attmept regardless.

    The states rights tenth amendment argument is doomed to fail also. There are just too many things that have been allowed the Federal govt in the past. The argument is a dead end. Again ,I would welcome the attempt regardless.

    We may shout and protest but apparently it is falling on deaf ears. The mistake was allowing this man win the office.

    The only sure way to repeal this is going to be through legislative means. To do that we need to win the hearts and minds of the population.

    We have work to do.

  6. fiatlux says:

    There will be many, many unintended consequences launched by this assault on the Constitution.

    For some reason, my government has gone to war with me.

    My business is being destroyed by unrelenting regulations, taxes, government funding of my competitors, government bankrupting my clients.

    My investments are being destroyed by virtual elimination of interest income, undermining of the dollar, double taxation of savings and plans to take more of anything that is left.

    My house has dropped in value as a result of government sponsored enterprises taking over the mortgage market. Gifts for dead beats and a beating to honest people.

    Any gift to my kids will be split 50% with a government that has done its best to undermine me financially.

  7. dhunter says:

    Exactly right Fiatlux. This is nothing less than a call to arms. Taking from the producers to fund the lazy, ignorant or just plain inept is not a righteous endeavor!

    Me willing giving my money through various charities is righteous!
    The government taking from me and giving to UNIONS, PUBLIC EMPLOYEES and UNWILLING TO GET A JOBS, is THEFT!

    In our founding fathers day these theives would be dragged from their Houses of corruption and hung by their filthy necks from a lamppost. Right next to their media enablers!