Mar 23 2010

Health Care Bill Small Business Killer

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We have a small, fledgling business which struggles to stay afloat in these horrible economic times and under the brutal overhead requirements of government contracting. One thing I keep reading the ignoramuses in the White House claiming is the GOP will have a tough time convincing small business to repeal and replace Obama care:

But, said Axelrod: “I think the debate shifts now. The issue for those talking about repeal is whether they’re going to look the small-business people in the eye or the children and say this was horrible. I’m happy to have that debate.”

This is from a bunch of political hacks who never ran a business, never worked for a real company. We cannot afford the part time people we employ. I cannot afford to bring people on conditionally with the ebb and flow of contracts. We will not be hiring to fill part time slots now that Obamacare has made that impossible financially. The tax cuts are pathetic and miss the true cost of a full benefits package for what is short term or part time work. I am no different from any other business owner large and small – we cannot afford to hire someone part time.

That means people are going to lose their jobs – lots of them. And that means children lose homes, good food, toys and a good life.

The polls show how Americans feel about this reckless power grab:

ublic Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm, conducted a poll in the districts of 36 Democrats who voted against health-care legislation last November. In 2008, Republican John McCain carried 29 of those districts over Obama. The survey found that 60 percent of those surveyed in those districts opposed the health bill and 35 percent favored it, with nearly half saying they were strongly opposed.

“The intensity against the bill in these districts is stunning,” said the firm’s Bill McInturff.

They can’t stand it because, unlike the naive zealots in DC, they know what will really happen:

Americans were not optimistic about the impact the bill will have. While 29 percent said reforms in the bill will make the health care system better, 34 percent said they would make the system worse. Twenty-eight percent said they weren’t sure, while eight percent predicted no change.

Despite Democrats’ effort to stress that the bill will (eventually) make insurance companies provide coverage for people with preexisting conditions, just 53 percent of respondents said they believed it would do so. Thirty-one percent said it would not.

There was also widespread skepticism that the bill would help control the costs of health care premiums, with 37 percent saying it would and 50 percent saying it would not.

We are not stupid, and it doesn’t take much to be smarter than the mad liberals behind this debacle. Obama has lost support of over half the nation. And  now, instead of focusing on jobs, he has to spend what little political capitol he has left trying to stop the nation’s innate opposition to this bill from repealing and replacing Obamacare.

The President and Democrats are going to find out how serious we are about controlling our lives for ourselves. We are not sheep. And they are going to find out We The People can change and undo anything we damn well please if we all agree to do so. There are such things as a national conventions called by 2/3 of the states. We can limit government right out of our lives.

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  1. oneal lane says:

    Look on the bright side. We are no longer in danger of being attacked or invaded by a communist country because we are one of them now. (getting closer)

  2. dbostan says:

    The time for benefits change in many Silicon Valley companies is during the summer.
    That means this new bill will hit the schmucks here, who mostly voted for this commie bastard, right between their eyes.
    In fact many of them are contractors/consultants who pay for health care insurance.So, they will absorb the full brunt of the bill, without any help…
    In addition to that, I suspect many companies here will lay off people only because the expenses will increase.

    It is unbelievable how brainwashed, very smart people otherwise, can become.
    Old friends of mine turned away from me only because I tried to explain to them what Obama will do to the country and them.

  3. KauaiBoy says:

    When the constitutional convention gets going, please have them add the ability to recall an elected official as an amendment because apparently the Founding Fathers specifically excluded recall procedures for federally elected officials and left it to death, resignation or self policing as the only means of cleaning the outhouse. (I guess the people still have option one). Perhaps they felt the Second Amendment was the true check on a legislature run amok.

    The best course of action would be to wage economic warfare against those who support and contribute to this deviant government. Any government is dependent on the spending by its constituents to raise taxes as well as campaign contributions if it wants to continue in existence—so deprive them of their lifeblood.

  4. lurker9876 says:


    YA think that if you talk to them today, will they be more willing to talk to you and believe you?

  5. cochino says:

    Scared, yet? And not even 48 hours have passed!

    Listen, I know everybody’s really angry. I am too, but we have to be realistic. If the history of the past 80 years is any guide, it’s that O-care will become the default position very soon.

    Socialism is intoxicating and addicting. After the 2010 election (and maybe not even by then), no politician is going to be able to run for office on a blanket repeal of the bill. And once people start to be added to the Medicaid rolls in a few years? It’s game over. That will never be undone.

    Until (not if but when) our society hits the crisis point, politicians will not be able to run on cutting an existing entitlement. The problem is that the average American wants them. You will only be able to cut them when people reason that keeping their entitlement is worse than living with levels of unemployment, interest rates, inflation, taxation, etc., that we’ve never come close to experiencing in this country.

    Socialism is a one-way street, ever-expanding. It expands because it destroys as it goes. Nothing can stop it until it can’t expand any more. I don’t whether it’s good or bad (honestly), but it’s happening much more slowly in our country than just about anywhere else in the Western World. I don’t know. It’s probably because of language that is in our Constitution, which throws up barriers to statism (but they’re hardly insurmountable, as we’ve seen), and our particular cultural heritage.

    Hey, I’m voting Republican because the only ray of hope we have is in that party. Now, the ray of hope is not the Republican Party, mind you. I don’t trust the majority them at the national level. But, within that party, there is hope.

  6. dbostan says:

    Nope. They protect their emotional investment in him.
    That’s why CA is known as the land of fruits and nuts…

  7. fiatlux says:

    I am a small business owner.
    The bill is horrible for the business I am involved in in the US.
    It is excellent for the businesses I am involved in outside the US as the US is on its way towards being a high cost competitor in more and more areas.
    CA is already a state in which I have to discourage potential investors from thinking about setting up businesses that require a lot of labor or inexpensive, reliable energy.

    On a personal basis, I, like many small business owners, use an HSA to deal with insurance needs and I am pretty sure I will no longer find this to be a viable option. Despite being extremely happy with my insurance and healthcare coverage, my government has decided it is not what I need.

    Just the lack of knowing is bad for planning and delays investment decisions. Multiplied millions of times, this unknown factor that is key to personal risk management is deadly for job growth. The bill is so sloppy and arbitrary that it will be months before even the most basic unintended consequences are understood.

    The entire process constitutes criminal gross negligence on the part of our lawmakers.

  8. cochino says:

    My comment’s been “awaiting moderation” for five hours.

  9. AJStrata says:

    Cochino – I got a day job dude!

    You get what you pay for 😉

  10. BarbaraS says:

    Wouldn’t the easiest and simplest amendment to the Constitition be to repeal the commerce clause and state that any law enacted under the aegis of that takeover be repealed. Every single one of them. The founders did not intend for the federal government to parse that clause to take over the whole country. They intended for the the unity of states as a whole to protect that whole from outside aggression and certainly not to make laws that curtail our freedom. The Constitution stated plainly what the powers of the federal government are and what type of laws congress can enact. It also states that the states and the people make all the other laws.

    I would add that an amendment to the Constitution would be that the federal government cannot make laws to give funds or other like payments to any citizen or resident alien and certainly not to illegal aliens. I would even like to see that no charity be given any federal money. The federal government should not be in the charity business. Our taxes should be used to protect this country and not subsidize the lazy. That would mean all welfare programs would be abolished immediately. There are private charities that take care temporarily any indigent person. Temporarily means there is a time limit. It also would mean that organizations like ACORN would not recieve any funds. It also would guarantee no pork.

  11. Frogg1 says:

    Health Care Reform Will Hurt Small Businesses, Some Entrepreneurs Say,3566,589826,00.html

  12. Fai Mao says:

    Here is a question that I saw on another form and has been bothering me:

    If, as the democrats say, health care is a right like freedom speech then am I not able as I am with freedom of speech to not avail myself of that right? Who has every been fined and imprisoned because they’d rather sit down and be quiet rather than voicing an opinion? Notice I am not talking about special cases such as in a court where you are required to speak but in everyday life.

    If I health care is a right I should be free to waive that right and not be persecuted by the IRS.

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