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Oct 15 2008

Pre-Debate Live Blogging

Update: Bottom line – I’m Joe The Plumber! The tag line from tonight – end update To save myself time I am going to live blog the debate now and get it over with: McCain wins most rounds, nation differs with me when polled. OK, now that I have taken care of that I will […]

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Oct 15 2008

Bogus? Michelle Obama Unhinged: “White Racists” Opposing Her Husband

Major Update: API has another post up recapping events: 1. API had a telephone call from Mrs Obama after consultations with Nairobi. We will avail all the details and what transpired so that all interested parties may understand that the story is not fake. 2. API has no interest in the outcome of the US […]

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Oct 15 2008

The “Traditional” Turnout Model Is Turning On Obama

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! Here’s the key to this presidential election – turnout! Has Governor Palin ignited a quietly determined grass roots anti-DC wave? If you look at her crowds she gets on the stump the answer is ‘yes‘ – they rival Obama’s. If you look at the viewership […]

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