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Oct 02 2008

Palin Won! Obama Lost

Why did America tune in? To see one of our own fight the political class. Frank Luntz’s ‘independent’ group went something like 80% for Palin. She has changed the entire political landscape. The Palin phenom is just happening! Drudge poll shows 75-25 Palin. Look, this is HISTORY! Palin destroyed the media myths. Please note: Palin, […]

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Oct 02 2008

Live Blogging 2008 VP Debate

I am going to take a different tact tonight and basically score this like a fight with rounds. Each question will be a round and I will highlight the punches laid and how powerful they were. Then I will score the round. I will not be going in depth on the question or the response. […]

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Oct 02 2008

Pre Debate Thoughts

I think it was Bill Sammon on Special Report last night who had the best summary of what is at stake. Palin can recover from the media bashing of the last two weeks by being her combative self. If a question about inside the beltway minutiae comes up she should chide Ifill for wasting time […]

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Oct 02 2008


The Huffington Post has compiled some segments of Palin’s prior debating stints and it is impressive: I like this hard hitting Sarah-Cuda better than the sunny optimistic one that has been on TV interviews. I think she needs to show both tonight – sunny optimism at the end, after she has dispatched Joe.

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Oct 02 2008

Latest State Polls Up At RCP

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There are a rash of new state polls which make it look like a blow for O-bomba. The truth is a lot of polls were moving towards Obama last week, so there was movement in the electorate. But as I noticed two national polls showed a reverse trend, and some of these polls are clearly […]

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