Oct 11 2006

The Aravosis And SSP Forged Emails

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Blogger For The Loop has done us all a favor by posting the two versions of the faked up emails that were posted on the Stop Sex Predators (SSP) website. and by John Aravosis (radical leftist). Note that these ‘creations’ have no dates in the headers (which means they are not emails). Comparing them to the versions at CREW or ABC News shows they have all the right words, but the punctuation, spacing and wrapping is all off. The subject lines are off too. The original email from Foley does look like the same one as the original source versions. Someone dictated the contents of the emails to SSP, and Aravosis got a copy of them. Of course Aravosis claims to have been in contact with CREW when he got his forged versions. This is one of the more intriguing aspects of this weird case: why would ABC News and others refer to faked up versions at SSP when they had the originals???

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  1. I can post a screen capture of the CREW version of the same emails.

    Anyone got a link to the ABC News PDF and/or screen captures?

  2. HaroldHutchison says:

    Forgery, huh?

    We’re looking at felony-level charges here…

  3. carol johnson says:


    Now THIS is fighting back!:


    Duncan Hunter and other Reps want a congressional investigation into Sandy Burger’s theft of code secret documents stolen from the archives!!

    Plus, Harry Reid is BIG real estate fraud trouble!! This is HUGE!!

    See Drudge Report


  4. Retired Spook says:

    Geez, guys, I go on vacation for a week to celebrate my 40th anniversary, and all hell breaks loose. Gonna be an interesting next 27 days.

    Carol, it’s great seeing the Sandy Burgler mess being investigated – FINALLY!!

  5. Good Captain says:

    Why have R’s waited so long to look into the Bergalr’s activities? There’s no way they’ll be able to do this in a meaningful time frame.

  6. Limerick says:

    I believe the Justice Department asked congress to hold off on an internal investigation until they had completed their investigation.

  7. carol johnson says:

    That’s right Limerick…but that’s done now so all bets are off. And so are the gloves! It’s bare knuckles from here until election day. Fasten your seatbelts guys!


  8. MerlinOS2 says:


    Congratulations to you and your lady!

    Wish you both many more

  9. MerlinOS2 says:


    The emails are starting to look like a red herring that triggered this whole mess. After all if they had not been fed upstream and triggered the IM release flood this would be a non issue.

    Perhaps the page in La is not as blameless as the narrative implies.

    As far as the IM’s themselves go, we have seen the media confuse and mix the whole email/IM issue from the beginning.

    As an early adopter of AOL I think the timestamp thing is more consistant with Foley having setup a private chat room on AOL to invite pages to visit, rather than an Im conversation. Chat rooms did time stampings, IM’s required setting changes and specific savings.

    Chat rooms allowed a setting change to record transcripts from the begining and timestamping if I recall correctly.

    In short I believe the media may be mislabeling what they have.

  10. Retired Spook says:

    Thanks, Merlin. The “lady” and I had a great time, starting with a couple days at a large Riverboat casino on the Ohio River followed by three leisurely days of meandering around Southern Indiana. Probably passed Terrye somewhere along the way.

  11. carol johnson says:


    “…followed by three leisurely days of meandering around Southern Indiana.”

    You lucky dog, I’d give anything for three leisurely days in Southern Indiana (where the secrets of my family genealogy lies).

    Anyway congrats and welcome back!


  12. Retired Spook says:


    We missed the peak of color by a week or two, but it was still pretty spectacular. I never realized how many wineries there are in Southern Indiana. We checked out several and bought a bottle or two from each. My younger sister graduated from Hanover College just west of Madison, but I was in the Navy while she was there and had never seen the campus — what a beautiful place.

  13. AJ: Get a good laugh at my newest story courtesy of CREW and Aravosis.

  14. Barbara says:

    When we first noticed the e-mails were faxed is when a red light should have shown. It took a lot trouble to fax something and get messy copies when they could e-mail direct and get clean copies unless they had something to hide. Of course, they didn’t want to show the first page’s name, but this was silly since the e-mails were innocuous.