Jan 18 2010

Mr. “Tingly Leg” Mathews Calls MA Race For Brown

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This is just surreal – even for me (since I predicted a Brown win and a Brown blow out)

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We surely live in interesting times. I bet a lot of liberals are getting a warm tingle down their legs today – as they get all ‘wee-weed up’ (thanks President Obama for that little bit of linguistic history).

The best reaction was all the shocked exclamations when Mathews admitted the defeat of Coakley/Obama. He looks like he is going to cry as they first pan to him. Amazing.

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16 Responses to “Mr. “Tingly Leg” Mathews Calls MA Race For Brown”

  1. Quite Rightly says:

    Rush mentioning your site right now, 1:12 p.m. Eastern. Talking about the Brown lead in absentee ballots.

  2. Ashen says:

    I heard him as well. Heh, gratz! I hope Mr. Brown blows em out tomorrow.

  3. buzzardo says:

    Woo Hoo AJ! Big traffic today!

  4. AJStrata says:


    I thought I was the only one who watched my traffic stats!

  5. […] and is predicting that Scott Brown will win tomorrow night.   The look on Matthews face is just priceless.  (H/T) NRO, Strata […]

  6. buzzardo says:

    I gotta tell you bro, Strata-Sphere is one of my favorite blogs. I lean more to the right, and disagree with your view of moderates, but your choice of topics is always spot on for what I like:

    – The horse race aspects of elections
    – The climate scam

    Keep up the good work. I am glad you got noticed by Rush today. I remember the first time he plugged RealClear Politics, back when it wasn’t known. Now it’s a fixture.

  7. MarkN says:

    Rush won’t be too happy when he finds out AJ’s stand on immigration. But sometimes AJ is right and Rush is wrong.

  8. […] eyeballing the averages here it looks like 55-40 Brown – a wipe out. No wonder Mr. “Tingly Leg” Mathews threw in the towel this morning on Morning Joe. No wonder Stu Rothenburg basically called this for […]

  9. dhunter says:

    Congrats AJ,
    I too heard Rush mention “the little blog he sometimes reads” and your polls and analysis!

    Hard work payin off! Your “little blog” got a much deserved shoutout from El Rushbo!

    I hope I see ol tingly cry a lot more in the next three years he hitched his wagon to a 50 cent horse with a trillion dollar George Soros funded saddle and the old nag is lettin him down!
    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of work. Wonder if Tingles is still thinkin of makin his own Senate or House run now?

  10. Ashen says:

    Anyone know if the matthews clip is on YouTube? I’m on an iPhone and it doesn’t have flash. Wake up Apple!!!

  11. AJStrata says:

    dhunter, you have no clue how wild that news is. As most of you know it is just me doing web searches with LJStrata doing the back room technical stuff. Amazing to get recognition like this.

  12. Neo says:

    Matthews does mentions one thing that is really inconvenient for Democrats …
    belief by MA voters that ObamaCare will cost more than their current state run healthcare regime which is a real burden already.

  13. AJ,

    This is worth checking out WRT tomorrow’s election.

    I suspect Leftist trolls will be coming here in force too:


    We’ve never seen the Left so unhinged, not in all of our lives.

    Troll attacks are at their highest — even worse than in the heat of the primary battle in 2008, when Dr. Utopia’s supporters smashed one of our windows out (because it had a Hillary poster in it), with rocks that had the ubiquitous “O” stickers on them.

    We have never in our lives seen the Left this crazed – and these are people who are crazy on an average Sunday, let alone a Sunday just days away from the biggest political earthquake of our generation.

    The hatemail we get every day at this site has increased dramatically (though, as usual, it’s the same meme that these Kossacks and Moveon.org-anisms hope we get AIDS and die, threaten us physically, and say all sorts of other nasty things because we dare to fight back against the Liberal-Socialist Democrat agenda).

    The attacks have actually crossed a few new lines, too, with a few of the Kossacks now attacking some of us here on a personal level. For the first time, we’re going to have to take legal action against some of these people. The process of which begins Monday. We’ll keep you updated as much as we can on that process, since it’s an interesting learning experience. In a nutshell, the nutroots has gone too far this time, so crazed over the fact that Democrats will lose “The Kennedy Seat” on Tuesday that they are lashing out at anyone and everyone they deem responsible for that.

    For some reason, we’re on that radar, because we have been working night and day to take the Liberal Socialist Democrat party’s supermajority away from them, for the principal purpose of killing the Healthcare Rationing bill in the Senate and saving this country from economic ruin.

  14. AJStrata says:


    Interestingly enough I rarely suffer extended lefty attacks. Seems to not work here very well. At least so far. I know the day will come ….

  15. […] Tomorrow blue of the bluest Massachusetts will decide, not by madness or stupidity, who their representative to the U.S. Senate will be. The voters of Massachusetts will not accept the “teabagger” (Tea Party), “birther” (Obama birth certificate), “wingnut” (right of center), “batsh*t crazy”, labels a desperate and vindictive Obama Dimocratic Party will try to smear Scott Brown with. The voters of Massachusetts will not accept the sexism and misogyny directed at her from some (not the Scott Brown campaign) misguided opposition supporters. […]

  16. alwyr says:

    Hi AJ:

    While I’ve disagreed with your analyses on any number of (GOP policy) issues, I nevertheless regard your site as being absolutely unequaled when it comes to understandable, objective, mathematical analysis of polling and other data – such as global warming. If I can follow along, then so can everybody else!

    I would suggest the most gratifying thing about praise for your site from Rush L. should stem from the fact he has any number of researchers constantly culling the internet for reliable, well-reasoned information. Believe me, it is NOT a fluke he mentions you!

    Thank you for all the work you (and LJ) perform just to keep the rest of us informed.