Jan 18 2010

Brown Blow Out?

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If anybody has any video our transcript links to this I would love to see them:

On Morning Joe this morning Mike Barnicle stated that he had been talking to Suffolk University pollers who had been canvassing in Massachusetts last night. They were working specifically in bellwether areas of the state to try and get a final read on the mood of the state in terms of the Brown/Coakley senate race.

The word he got was that Scott Brown was ahead by double digits.

This would indicate not just a surprise loss in MA, but a historic blow out which would rock DC to its core. If someone finds anything on this please put it in the comments section – thanks.

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7 Responses to “Brown Blow Out?”

  1. Ashen says:

    Link is not valid, is the response I get when clicking on it. What gives??

  2. AJStrata says:


    What gives is a bad paste. Link fixed!

  3. Ashen says:

    great, thx dude. I hope Mr. Brown blows her out!!

  4. AJStrata says:

    No problem – lucky thing I was on line!

    New post on Rothenberg calling the race for Brown. Must be a blow out.

  5. thromnewton says:

    I’ll bet Barnicle is shaking like a cat passing a peach pit…..

  6. Ashen says:

    Dude, Rush just plugged your site! GRATZ!!!!

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