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Jan 17 2010

Brown Pulls Out To 10% Lead – Updated

Updates Below! A new poll from, an outfit I am not familiar with (which means I have no idea of their credibility,  is out on the MA Special Election. Bottom line: Brown is cleaning Coakley’s clock by 9.6% (50.8%-41.2%).  3rd party candidate Kennedy comes in with a realistic 1.8% (in line with what we saw […]

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Jan 17 2010

MTP: White House Internally Admits MA Election Slipping Away

Mark Halperin on Meet The Press (MTP) this morning just stated that the White House was quietly admitting to itself that Ted Kennedy’s seat is slipping away. As I suspected Obama’s trip is to try and limit the loss. Halperin also tried to claim the MA Special Election would not be any judgement on Obama’s […]

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Jan 17 2010

If Brown Wins, Interim Senator Kirk Is Immediately Fired

Whatever happens Tuesday, a legal reading of the MA laws regarding interim senators is clear: Interim Senator Paul Kirk is out of the Senate when the polls close Tuesday night, and therefore cannot vote on any legislation: Appointed Senator Paul Kirk will lose his vote in the Senate after Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts of a […]

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Jan 17 2010

Coakley’s Internals Show Her Behind, Campaign Shows Her Support Is Lackluster

Updates Below Late last night some more information trickled out regarding the state of the MA Special Election race between Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R). One of the more interesting articles was this one in the Boston Globe regarding polls, independents and turnout models: Independent voters in Massachusetts are an unpredictable breed and […]

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Jan 16 2010

Coakley Down By 16% In Absentee Voting

Looks like it could very well be a historic wipe out in MA Tuesday. RCP is reporting that of the 9% of Massachusetts voters who voted absentee (which ended yesterday) Brown is winning 58-42, or 16%. This is right in line with my computations this morning, which indicate Coakley could lose by as much as […]

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Jan 16 2010

An Inept Coakley Is Not The Cause, Just Contributing Factor

I seriously wonder about the mental stability of some of the political geniuses now running politics in this country. The Political Industrial Complex is the control-freak industry which runs politicians, and includes the news media, the consultants and campaign aids, the staff and lobbyists. And of course the front people – the politicians themselves. The […]

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Jan 16 2010

How Bad Is Coakley Doing In Massachusetts?

What we are seeing in the way of public polls and rumors about internal polls for the Massachusetts special election is just stunning. The last two public polls to come out had Coakley behind by 4% and 15%. I seriously doubt the 15% lead for Brown, but the fact is it is completely plausible given […]

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Jan 15 2010

Like A Moth To The Flame

This is a politically naive move: President Barack Obama will campaign for Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley on Sunday, POLITICO has learned, a sign that Democrats believe the seat remains winnable enough that it’s worth risking the president’s prestige. Apparently our young president cannot help but try and prove he still has some magical political […]

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Jan 15 2010

MA Special Election Won’t Even Be Close

Major Update: Jim Geraghty’s “number cruncher” confirms my analysis using an independent methodology and concludes: So the question remains what about the whole “special election dynamic” I believe it favors Brown, although, I think there will be some watering down of this advantage. What we are seeing is BROWN winning this race hands down. On […]

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Jan 15 2010

As MA Shock Settles In, New Direction On Health Care Will Arise

I would say today is going to be an interesting day in DC. Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Reid and President Obama are going to be faced with a whole new world today. This new world will arise as news of the pending loss of Ted Kennedy’s senate seat (see here and here for all the […]

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