Jan 27 2010

The DC Insanity Takes Hold Of The President

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They claim there is something in the water here in DC, has been for decades. Something that turns normal, well meaning human beings into arrogant idiots (a nasty combination if there ever was one). It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to a lot them. The Watergate idiocy, Clinton’s intern problem, congressional bribes and senatorial mistresses. All idiotic and arrogant acts by someone drunk with power in DC.

Whatever it is, it seems to have taken a serious hold on our young and inexperienced President and his young and inexperienced team. And it seems to have gripped the liberal democrats in a vice of pure madness. I mean, these people are just not coherent anymore. They sound like they need to take some time away from the stress of life and put their mental house back in order.

The first sign of madness came from Howard Dean on Hardball, in front of an incredulous Chris Mathews:

It is insane to come out and say the Massachusetts voters were sending Scott Brown to DC to push the liberal Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda ahead (as oppose to sending liberal Dem Coakley). Dean is in such deep denial he has left reality. Even Christ Mathews called it ‘crazy’.

And Dean is not the only one. The list of excuses used by the Democrats to ignore the will of the people is stunning in its depth as well as its self delusion (or attempt at deception, if you are of the cynical view).

In a recent CNN poll a whopping 70% (question 27) said it was GOOD for the country that Democrats lost their supermajority (and with it free reign to pass whatever nonsense they wanted). The Democrats had a thin slice of political capital remaining, since the same poll showed 48% of the public angry at both parties, with only 9% just angry at the GOP and 11% just angry at the Democrats (question 11). That is a pretty stunning situation, clearly emanating from the political center of the country. The segment which determines elections and has swung heavily away from the liberals in the three big elections since Obama took office.

But the Democrats are hell bent in raising the already red hot ire of the people to historic levels with their latest insanity – straight from the White House and the lips of President Obama. I am talking about that charade of a budget ‘freeze’:

THE OBAMA administration estimates that the selective spending freeze it will propose next week would save $10 billion to $15 billion in fiscal 2011, which begins Oct. 1.

After a year of mind boggling increases in discretionary spending, the President is pretending that freezing at this new level of massive red ink will save us. We are facing a deficit this year of $1.35 trillion and he is promising to save $15 billion? As Krauthammer said on O’Reilly last night, that is round off error in the budget. I fail to see how this saves us from anything. But it seems the White House as a poll tested answer to voter anger and they plan to deploy it.

This is a pathetic attempt to fool the people into thinking the President and his liberal buddies in Congress are doing something, when they are really doing nothing. It is a ruse to hide behind and buy time. Just like Obama’s fake ‘created and saved jobs’ crap and using made up numbers from people getting bailout money without any definition or rigor to claim they were helping the unemployment situation, Obama’s team is peddling fiction.

But this is the kind of simpleton deception that fools a 5 year old – not voting, intelligent, hard working adults. Obama’s acting like the most amateur of amateur magicians, trying to pretend he made a coin disappear all the while it is in plain sight in his hand. Worse, he and his liberal friends think we should be taking all this nonsense seriously!

The President of the United States is going to get up in front of Congress, the nation and the world tonight, and with a face of sincere determination, claim he is going to do something about jobs and the economy. And then he is going to lay on this whopper of duplicitous deception.

That will signal the end of his administration and the Democrat party as we know it. He will not be a one term great president, but a one term historic failure. Because America will not tolerate being fed simpleton BS. The insult to American intelligence will be beyond the pale, beyond what even Mad Joe Klein did in Time when he called us all dodos.

At least Klein was being open in his idiotic arrogance. President Obama is going to try and fool us with his. It will be a sad wonder to watch and experience. And voters will give the President and the Democrats their answer in November.

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  1. Paul from Boston says:

    My simple minded solution to all this is to get the Congress out of Washington, time limits not term limits (which I think are undemocratic). A three point program to start solving the mess in DC.

    1. Limit the time that Congress is in session to a maximum of six months and require the time between sessions to be a minimum six months.

    2. Bills voted out of committee in one session cannot be voted into law until the next session. All bills to be available for download on the internet once reported out of committee.

    3. End witholding. Make all taxes, including Social Security and Medicare, payable quarterly and in arrears.

    Point 1 is to get the Congressmen out of the hothouse atmosphere of Washington and back home to live and work among the people they represent. It’s easy to subsume them into the cult of Washington if they’re there full time. The disconnect is much harder to make if they experience an alternate reality most of the time.

    Point 2 is obvious, it makes crooked backroom deals much harder to make. In five minutes no one can figure out that three pages of convoluted text can be summarized in one word, Louisiana , but it’s not so hard in six months with lots of eyes studying the text.

    Point 3 is to make sure that everyone knows that they have skin in the game. Everyone should feel the pain of taxes so that they question what they’re getting for their money.

    These are procedural changes but I think that changing the way business is done in Washingtion will do a lot to change what kind of business is be done in Washington.

  2. WWS says:

    Power doesn’t change people; rather it gives them so much overconfidence that they drop their guard and let out all the nasty things that they’ve spent a lifetime hiding from everyone around them.

    That’s why we should *never* elevate someone from nowhere to a position of great authority; as military forces (who’s survival depends on getting it right) have known for millenia, you first give someone a little authority, then a little more, and on up the line just to be sure they really do have a personality that won’t go corrupt and insane when given the opportunity to get away with it.

    Have any of you ever known a clinically narcisstic personality up close? I have – and they always react with absolute rage when they think that *their* plans have been thwarted by someone else. These outbursts on the left are exactly what you would expect from a group of pathological narcissits with delusions of grandeur. Thorazine is probably indicated, although that just numbs them, it doesn’t cure them.

    “Something that turns normal, well meaning human beings into arrogant idiots…”

    There’s nothing on this earth that turns people into something they aren’t. But power and money always allow the true personality to take over the public facade. Washington attracts people who at some deep level are desperate for power and adulation – personalities that are probably unstable at their very core. As long as they are kept in check by more powerful forces, their own greed and vanity keeps them from acting out, since they know they can’t get away with it. But the feeling of absolute power whispers in their ear “You can get away with anything you want!” And these people don’t have anything inside them that tells them to stop if they don’t think they have to.

    Now there of course are a lot of people in this world who do have that inside them – but they tend not to be the type of people who spend a lifetime trying to achieve power over everyone else. That’s the unfortunate bias built into the system.

    Everyone in this world says that they have deep, personal values. The problem is that some people really do have them while others just say they have them, and the second group does this in order to regularly fool the first group. As every generation seems to have to discover on its own, you can never know who someone really is inside by listening to what they say – you have to see what they actually do when given the chance.

    What people do when given the opportunity is always the best guide to understanding who they truly are.

  3. Whomever says:

    Let’s have a constitutional amendment that one must reach 50 years of age prior to assuming the role of President of the United States. It takes some living, some hard knocks, some humility.
    And an informal requirement is that candidates all get through the 1000 pages of McCoulough’s prize winning book on Harry Truman.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    Obama has already gotten all the money he needs for the present time. He did loot the treasury last year, remember. Who knows where all that money went. Unknown zip codes and bogus districts. This just stops anyone else from getting any more maybe to combat him. Then again, if something comes up he can blame the freeze.

  5. BarbaraS says:

    You have to look for the Trojan horse in everything the dems do or say. There will definitely be an underlying theme there. Anyone ignores it at his/her peril. Some people think the dems are compassionate but fuzzy headed. Not true. The truth is they are sneaky and devious. Look at the Endangered Species Act as an example. Who would have thought such an innocuous act would be so detrimental to the citizens of this country?

  6. owl says:

    No, the pure insanity of the far left anti-Americanism has held this president for a long time. Twenty years of Rev Wright was not an accident.

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