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Nov 19 2016

The Current Political Turmoil In USA Looks So “Hunger Games”

  Washington DC in a Bubble   This has been an incredible election cycle. Historic in its impacts, historic in how badly the political elite missed what was happening, historic in how poorly the losers are dealing with their loss. There have been a smattering of intelligent commentary among the sea of outlandish accusations and […]

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Oct 09 2016

Our Battle For Our Nation Finally Begins – Trump Defiant!

  The Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) brought out their big ‘sleaze guns’ and took their best shot at Donald Trump. As I posted earlier,  other candidates from outside the PIC have similarly been challenged, and they were chased out of their elections (see Herman Cain for President). The ‘news media’ – the propaganda arm of […]

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Sep 30 2016

Deepest Denial Of All

Major Update:  As the bellwether’s turn (against Clinton): Trump now leads in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina – all states Barack Obama won his first term – according to Real Clear Politics averages. End Update This election year is proving to be very angst-driven for the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC). […]

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Jun 26 2016

Brexit A Warning Shot To Political Elites – Your Time Is Up

[ Updated 6:20 PM EST, Sunday June 26, 2016 for minor grammar errors and to correct sentence structure.] The elites don’t understand how badly they have governed, how poorly they have executed, and how much the citizens of the west are ready to dump them from power. In fact they are so clueless their petulant […]

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May 25 2016

Trump Befuddles The Political Industrial Complex

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The Political Industrial Complex (or PIC, which encompasses all the Pols, their staffs and consultants, their donor-cronies and their lobbyists, and of course the news media – all who live in a bubble and consider themselves ‘elite’) are completely befuddled by the Trump phenomena. I suppose their confusion is because these supposedly brilliant, all-knowing, ‘elites’ […]

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May 16 2016

Brexit Reflects America’s POTUS Choices

It seems that the voters in the US and UK are poised to reject the “Big Gov Knows Best” mantra of their respective Political Industrial Complex (PIC). 2016 may be the year the world’s first and foremost democracies take back their governments originally created for the people, by the people. These democracies were NOT created […]

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Sep 26 2010

The Real Tea Party Movement Emerges

I think the Political Industrial Complex on the right is still trying to take control of the Tea Party, and is missing the point of the movement. I have said for a year this is a libertarian movement, not a social conservative movement. And two recent articles make the point quite clearly. First, via RCP, […]

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Jan 19 2010

Today It’s We The People!

Today in Massachusetts our friends, neighbors, family members and fellow Americans from that great state will have their say for all of us. The Political Industrial Complex (PIC) – inhabited by the two parties’ top politicians along with all those career staffers, lobbyists, consultants, news media cronies and talking heads – has been pounding us […]

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Nov 18 2009

Sarah Palin’s Book Doing What It Was Intended

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Got Sarah’s book (actually we got two copies so the political junkies did not have to take turns) and just started reading it. Might comment on it more – probably won’t though. It doesn’t seem to require a lot of over analyzing and fact checking by media and blogger mental midgets. One of the things […]

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Oct 01 2009

Sarah Palin’s First Misstep? Doubtful

The news is spreading that Governor Palin’s ghostwriter for her up and coming book is a far right wing evangelical. Which means there is a good chance Lynn Vincent is just like 70% of Main Stream America – who are the antithesis of the elites who make up the Political Industrial Complex that has been […]

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