May 16 2016

Brexit Reflects America’s POTUS Choices

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It seems that the voters in the US and UK are poised to reject the “Big Gov Knows Best” mantra of their respective Political Industrial Complex (PIC). 2016 may be the year the world’s first and foremost democracies take back their governments originally created for the people, by the people.

These democracies were NOT created for the “elites” clustered in their ivory towers on Constitution Ave, K-Street and Wall Street (or the Belgian equivalents) – hidden and walled off from Main Street.

The PIC  – generally – is the ruling political class, plus their media lackeys and their political industrial analysts, consultants, lobbyists and favored donors.  An island economy in both countries that grows rich off the sweat and innovation of the middle class who provide the funds for all the PIC brilliant ideas </sarcasm> and endless rules.

So this year it is Main Street vs the PIC – in both countries.

The UK has the bigger dragon to slay. Their PIC is not only in London, but has been extended and isolated in the massively wasteful  and byzantine European Union in Brussels.  The good news for the Middle Class in the UK is that the evidence of EU incompetence and destruction is massive, so the revolution against the status quo has ample ammunition.

The movement is called “Brexit“, and it is clearly a big moment in history:

Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, often shortened to Brexit (a portmanteau combining the words “Britain” and “exit”), will be decided on 23 June 2016 by a referendum on the country’s membership, following the passage of the European Union Referendum Act 2015.

Just as Hillary Clinton and the Democrats here in the US must defend the abysmal status quo, those calling for the UK to “Remain” in the EU must somehow convince the voters across the pond that the last 3 decades of failures are just a mirage, and that the EU does really care for the UK worker.

That is one a big pile of BS to hoist off on the UK voters.  Maybe if the voters truly were the dullards the “elites” think they are the elites could put out the usual political fiction and win the hearts, minds and wallets. I doubt it.

James Delingpole is a lead Brexit voice:

What it boils down to is this: does Britain want to go on being shackled to the sclerotic, anti-democratic, moribund trading bloc that is the European Union or would it rather be liberated to set its own laws, regain its sovereignty and trade freely and profitably with the burgeoning rest-of-the-World economy?

The movement has just released a movie that explains what is at stake and how the UK will be better off away from the “elites” and back in the hands of the common voters/workers.  A model that has worked wonders for Switzerland. This movie is over 1 hour long, but worth every second

Theme of the Movie: Make the UK a world-trade power house again.

The Trump campaign motto: Make America Great Again

See the common denominator – again?

The usual PIC response is one of propaganda, fear mongering and irony.

Goliath wants to annihilate David, and do it in style. Day after day, the massed forces of the global establishment are delivering their blood-curdling warnings, with one simple mission: stop Brexit at any cost.

The plan is ruthlessly efficient, the roll-out beautifully choreographed, the elite troops perfectly briefed. Generals, diplomats, company bosses, economists, entertainers, assorted virtue-signallers: they are all rigidly on-message with their grotesque claims that Britain could not possibly cope with standing on its own two feet.

Yet something remarkable is happening – or rather, isn’t. Goliath’s weapons of mass destruction aren’t working, and David is not just surviving but standing tall. The opinion polls are not moving. If anything, support for Leave has crept up a little. The latest ICM poll puts Leave at 46 per cent and Remain at 44 per cent; YouGov estimates Remain at 42 per cent and Leave at 40 per cent.

How could the voters be so stupid as to fire all of those in the PIC – given elites are so smart? How many times have we read how much damage those resisting the status quo will cause, when everyone sees the damage done by the very same status quo?

Sound familiar? Stop the threat to the PIC at all costs?

The best part of the movie is seeing the number of laws tagged to everything we do and own. Bring that “framing” to the US election and see how well Hillary does!

My gut tells me the commoners and middle class workers are universally fed up with the arrogant denizens of the Political Industrial Complex. I have watched people I use to listen to for insight (please not the emphasis on “use to”) go all PIC over Donald Trump.

This includes Bill Kristol, Speaker Ryan and Charles Krauthammer to name just a few. They are trying to play the role of the Democrat Party’s Superdelegates, who  are deciding who will and will not be on the Democrat ticket. These people have destroyed their conservative brand.

These #NeverTrump diehards have clearly indicated that the days when a lowly citizen of this country can attain the highest office of the land by the will of the voters is over.  Now all political leaders must be accepted by the PIC  – voters be damned.

How is this different from the Brexit movement and those EU elites who have insulated themselves from being accountable to European voters?

When did the US PIC become the thought police for America’s voters?

Answer – when we allowed it to happen.  Trump is the messenger, that is why he is racking up ‘surprise’ wins. The message is we are done sending 30% of our income to serial failures. There will be accountability. How Hillary or the Dems can beat that message is beyond reality.  They are the thrust of the message.

The PIC never thought they would have to bow down to the voters (a.k.a. taxpayers) of this country. They feel threatened (as they should be).

Sadly Brexit is just the first step in returning to limited distant government and focused local government.  It will take a generation to turn the PIC around into a distributed, state-level, dynamic and diverse resource pool that serves the people. But it is a start and it looks like Brexit could win in June (undecideds are trending to their side, and the polls are known to be thrashing in uncharted waters and error prone).

If I am right, Brexit will set the tone and the stage for the US 2016 election cycle.

We do live in interesting times.

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