May 25 2016

Trump Befuddles The Political Industrial Complex

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The Political Industrial Complex (or PIC, which encompasses all the Pols, their staffs and consultants, their donor-cronies and their lobbyists, and of course the news media – all who live in a bubble and consider themselves ‘elite’) are completely befuddled by the Trump phenomena.

I suppose their confusion is because these supposedly brilliant, all-knowing, ‘elites’ really are not that much smarter than the rest of us, and cannot see what we all see looking into the PIC bubble-world

The NY Times had a typical PIC reaction story today (H/T RealClear Politics). It just drips with elitist befuddlement:

Once again, we are faced with a rising Trump. Once again, we have to wonder what is going on.

Hillary Clinton, a Yale Law graduate whose résumé includes stints at the Children’s Defense Fund and the House Judiciary Committee working on Watergate, spent more than a decade as first lady of Arkansas, eight years as first lady of the United States, eight years as a senator and four years as secretary of state serving as one of the president’s principal foreign policy advisers. She collected more than 17 million votes in 2008 as the first woman to ever come close to winning the presidential nomination of a major party; she has been named 12 times by Forbes as one of most powerful women in the world and found 20 times by Gallup to be the woman Americans admire most in the world.

How could a candidate with as much baggage as Trump be neck-and-neck with one of the most admired, best credentialed and most broadly experienced nominees in the history of the Democratic Party?

How indeed! Maybe because all those accolades don’t carry any weight with the electorate. Probably because being a member of the PIC in high standing is actually a negative to the voters. If this is an anti-PIC election year (which it clearly is on a global level), then the masses are fed up with PIC incompetence across the spectrum.

All those accolades fly in the face of Hillary’s Benghazi culpability, her email shenanigans, her unethical international donors, etc, etc, etc.

Let us also not forget that the PIC has been leading decades of disastrous results, from Obamacare to our open boarders, to our middle east fiascos.  People are fed up.  When the PIC takes 30+% of our income and then screws up in execution the result is obvious.

Fire the PIC and/or return our money.

We see this trend in the recent Austrian presidential election and the EU referendum in the UK. So why are these supposed ‘elites’ not showing off their god-given superior powers of intellect and see what is going on? Let’s get back to that precious NY Times diatribe:

How did Clinton lose her advantage?

The unrelenting assault from the right and the left on her integrity and competence, conducted both by Republicans and by her opponent for the Democratic nomination, appears to have taken a toll. Clinton has been under attack from the right throughout her 25 years in the national arena. The Sanders critique from the left has served to deepen her negative ratings.

Notice how the PIC bubble blinds the those inside the PIC to any cause from outside the PIC? How about it had nothing to do with attacks from the right side or left side of the PIC?

How about the masses see that the PIC is completely dysfunctional and incompetent?

Blind leading the blind. It is the difference between “book smart” and “street smart” – or worse “PIC smart” and “street smart”. It is amazing how big the gulf has become between the country and the PIC.

Trump arose from a field of PIC-preferred candidates, to the great consternation of the right-side of the PIC.

#NeverTrump is the PIC reaction to the idea someone outside the PIC could come in at the top and shake things up! And now the rest of the PIC is up in arms and sweating bullets as Trump’s momentum increases.

It will NEVER occur to these elite geniuses this is exactly what the voters want! Why?  Because it means the PIC is being rejected by its host.  And the thought of all these brilliant minds being “fired” by the owners of this great country is just to much to bear (see Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Paul Ryan). And so they will continue to not understand the forces behind the 2016 election and ignore the signals being sent by “we the people




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