Jun 26 2016

Brexit A Warning Shot To Political Elites – Your Time Is Up

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[ Updated 6:20 PM EST, Sunday June 26, 2016 for minor grammar errors and to correct sentence structure.]

The elites don’t understand how badly they have governed, how poorly they have executed, and how much the citizens of the west are ready to dump them from power.

In fact they are so clueless their petulant reaction has reached hilarious levels.

All through what I am going to link to and discuss in this post, remember that it is these very same elites whose brilliant failures have had severe impacts on the careers and lives of the citizenry they now fear and loathe. The fortress of ignorance and arrogance that surrounds the Political Industrial Complex (the isolated and opaque bastion of the elites) is now crumbling. The reaction by those who became incredibly wealthy while they destroyed the social fabric and economies of the majority of free people in the west is pathetic – and expected.

[Note: Political Industrial Complex (PIC) = all the career politicians, all the career bureaucrats, the sea of career political consultants and career staff, the political donor class and their career lobbyists, and of course the pliant career political news media. The EU is the epitome of the Political Industrial Complex – the apex of bad ideas hoisted upon the masses without thought or responsibility. The “elite” denizens of the PIC live apart from the rest of humanity]

This year the general citizenry is making it clear it is the elite’s jobs and careers that are on the line now. No more sacrificing the masses for some mythical greater good (which always seems to be only good for those who make a living in the PIC). Now it is the elites turn to be the focus of social and economic experimentation: a return to local democracy and self-governing.

And all of a sudden, now democracy is too ugly for the elites!

Look what happened after Brexit. The UK Pound took a beating and a vast amount of wealth was wiped out ($120 billion or so by some reports).

Did you feel any effect? I know I didn’t. I doubt ANY of the “Leave” voters felt much of anything economically. They had already been deprived of good jobs and wages. I doubt they had extensive stock or treasury holdings. The “elites” over the past decades created this backlash by depleting not just the patience of the citizenry, but their savings and futures as well.

[By the way, ‘elite’ is a self-applied moniker to distinguish them from us ‘nationalists’. They are not ‘elite’ since most cannot perform surgery, delivery a baby, build a solid house, run a farm, operate large equipment, fix a car, build a satellite, etc, etc. They anointed themselves and declared themselves superior so as to not have to compete with the rest of the citizenry regarding innovative ideas and solutions. The only thing they are good at is knowing how to pass bad laws and fail in implementing any legislative solutions. They fear the citizenry because they fear facing their own average intellects]

Two excellent write ups have come out since Brexit, highlighting why the “elite” denizens of the Political Industrial Complex are so confused and angry. Interestingly, these are from denizens of the PIC – from inside the belly of the beast!

First up is from Megan McArdle:

The inability of those elites to grapple with the rich world’s populist moment was in full display on social media last night. Journalists and academics seemed to feel that they had not made it sufficiently clear that people who oppose open borders are a bunch of racist rubes who couldn’t count to 20 with their shoes on, and hence will believe any daft thing they’re told. Given how badly this strategy had just failed, this seemed a strange time to be doubling down.

Or perhaps they were just unable to grasp what I noted in a column last week: that nationalism and place still matter, and that elites forget this at their peril. A lot people do not view their country the way some elites do: as though the nation were something like a rental apartment — a nice place to live, but if there are problems, or you just fancy a change, you’ll happily swap it for a new one.

In many ways, members of the global professional class have started to identify more with each other than they have with the fellow residents of their own countries. Witness the emotional meltdown many American journalists have been having over Brexit.

They used to call it “fly over country” – but the fact is the denizens of the PIC are not “elite”, they are the ultimate isolationists. They are the ultimate haters.  And they are the ultimate leeches. Look at Venezuela and you will see what decades of an isolated and insulated Political Industrial Complex will reap in the end. The rich will eat high on the hog, while the masses literally starve from lack of food, die from lack of basic medical services, or become victims of crime due to lack of basic police services.

Megan McArdle continues:

A lot of my professional colleagues seemed to, and the dominant tone framed this as a blow against the enlightened “us” and the beautiful world we are building, struck by a plague of morlocks who had crawled out of their hellish subterranean world to attack our impending utopia.

Emphasis mine. The masses are definitely going to attack the Political Industrial Complex’s “Utopia”. It is a small and greedy little utopia where only the elites gets to partake (remember, the crony big donors live in the PIC as well). Since this utopia (from the elite’s point of view) is actually a blood-sucking cancer from the view of the general public, of course it has to be attacked!

And destroyed. It is simply a matter of self preservation. Self defense.

The second excellent piece was by David Frum:

The paper ballots were still being counted by hand. Only the British overseas territory of Gibraltar had reported final results. Yet the assumption of a Remain victory filled the room—and depressed my hosts. One important journalist had received a detailed briefing earlier that evening of the results of the government’s exit polling: 57 percent for Remain.

The polling industry will be one victim of the Brexit vote. A few days before the vote, I met with a pollster who had departed from the cheap and dirty methods of his peers to perform a much more costly survey for a major financial firm. His results showed a comfortable margin for Remain. Ten days later, anyone who heeded his expensive advice suffered the biggest percentage losses since the 2008 financial crisis.

The bookies as well had it badly wrong.  Apparently, like the pollsters above, these people only listened to other denizens of the PIC. No insight or knowledge from outside could penetrate this opaque utopian bubble.

And as I noted before – why would any anti-big-government voter participate in a poll from the PIC? They won’t. So the polls become more and more over sampled by the PIC defenders: an ever shrinking fraction of the voting population. Do I care if Hillary has a double digit lead over Trump right now? Not when she is sitting in the mid to low 40’s I don’t.

Frum goes on to highlight changes that the elites never had to deal with – just the masses:

British population growth is not generally perceived to benefit British-born people. Migration stresses schools, hospitals, and above all, housing. The median house price in London already amounts to 12 times the median local salary. Rich migrants outbid British buyers for the best properties; poor migrants are willing to crowd more densely into a dwelling than British-born people are accustomed to tolerating.

The June 23 vote represents a huge popular rebellion against a future in which British people feel increasingly crowded within—and even crowded out of—their own country: More than 200,000 British-born people leave the U.K. every year for brighter futures abroad, in Australia above all, the United States in second place.

When “home” is quickly transformed by a tsunami of outside influences it is not “home” anymore. Change is not bad, but a disruptive change can create an equally disruptive backlash.

It is hilarious to look at the logic proffered by the agents of the PIC and realize how blind it is. The logic of the “Remain” and Clinton campaign was how could anyone vote for upheaval, for drastic change? But the upheaval and drastic change was being brought on by the elites! The upheaval and drastic changes have been buffeting the citizenry of the west for decades as the globalists have become ridiculously wealthy while pretending it was all for the greater good.

I call BS on that kind of circular thinking!

How could the masses upend the elite’s utopia?

How could they not? As I said – it has come to the point that it is now a matter of survival, of self preservation.

Thus far this revolution has been measured and bloodless, the upending of the PIC Utopia coming from the barrel of the ballot box.

Which is why we now see attacks on democracy itself.

This is why Mitt Romney, Bill Krystal and George Will have all pouted off into history. They are elites on the right side of the PIC.  They are disgusted that they have to pay attention to the American voters. They openly scheme on how to prevent the will of the voters from being expressed.

Well the voters have two words to help them out: “Good Riddance”.

The GOP has stood for democracy, freedom, individual responsibility and small government. It just happens that it needs a good old-fashioned house cleaning to get back to these basics. And the more elites who head for the exits the better.

Don’t let the door knock you on your elite butt on the way out.

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  1. kathie says:

    Well said AJ!

  2. kathie says:

    AJ I just read this…..this is the elite thinking and where Obama is taking us….it is very frightening as this world population is not ready for this thinking.

    In the year 2000, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was asked by the Los Angeles Times how the country was going to feed, house and employ the expected doubling of its population by 2050. She replied: “We’ll send them to America. Globalisation will take that problem away, as you free up all factors of production, also labour. There’ll be free movement, country to country. Globalisation in its purest form should not have any boundaries, so small countries with big populations should be able to send population to countries with big boundaries and small populations.”[2]

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