Nov 18 2009

Sarah Palin’s Book Doing What It Was Intended

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Got Sarah’s book (actually we got two copies so the political junkies did not have to take turns) and just started reading it. Might comment on it more – probably won’t though. It doesn’t seem to require a lot of over analyzing and fact checking by media and blogger mental midgets.

One of the things Americans despise about the Political Industrial Complex is the idea that the complex must interpret events and information for us normal Americans. Class A arrogance without anything to back it up. Most talking heads and news media folks can’t grasp a majority of what real life is all about, let alone interpret it. They don’t understand what it takes to feed this nation, educate this nation, defend this nation, expand this nation’s economy, etc. When it comes to science – forget about it.

The news media in general are watchers who keep failing in their attempt to explain what we all do. They are not even a worthy peanut gallery, self absorbed as they are.

Palin’s book is doing one important thing – it is sifting the angry, insecure elitist from the sympathetic and respectful. Sarah is still one of us from Main Street – we all live a variant of the “American Life”. And we are all rogues – in that we all cherish our individuality and when we break the settled pattern and succeed. We all do this in our day to day lives, when we crack the tough problems that stumped others. And we all take our turn with our coworkers, friends and family in going rogue and solving a problem. We feel pride when we do it, we are genuinely impressed when someone we know and/or love has their moment.

Which is why attacking Sarah can ruin credibility forever. The small minded obsessives (e.g., little Andy Sullivan comes to mind) who feel a need to be bitterly negative because she wrote a book about herself and her experiences in being a woman candidate for the 2nd top office of the land are not exposing Sarah! The ugly reflection on America we see comes from Sarah’s enemies.

Populism is back because the Political Industrial Complex has failed repeatedly to grow up, straighten up and get something done right (I would say a recent  exception to that rule was President George W Bush on many, many issues). And when that happens, We The People clean house – and not just elected houses (as can be noted in the demise of the lame news media and biased and shoddy products).

Update: Palin’s book is already in the next book run, but they are going to need a lot more the 1.6 million copies.

Update: Palin on Rush:

Part One

Part Two

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  1. ivehadit says:

    “(I would say a recent exception to that rule was President George W Bush on many, many issues)”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. George W. Bush is the one who brought REAL CHANGE to DC, not this group there now that are using the same, tired, old liberal tenets of the ’60’s.

  2. daniel ortega says:

    You might enjoy this,
    as you know I live in England, where we have a satellite news service
    called SKY NEWS, owned by the same company as Fox News, but
    more attuned to British “culture”.

    Anyways, they get some pundit on to explain Sarah Palin’s new book
    to us dumb proletariat.

    She says the title is “Going Rouge”

    The anchor guy blinks and says what?

    “Going Rouge”

    He gently says the title is “Going Rogue”

    The guest pundit doesn’t even falter, she explains the reason why
    she thought it was “Going Rouge” is because Sarah wears so much

    And this is what we are supposed to deem as worthy of our time.