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Dec 03 2008

Palin Power

Sarah Palin confirmed in Georgia she was no albatross in the 2008 Presidential election.  For if she were one, there would not have been such a huge win for GOP Senator Chambliss there yesterday in the runoff for the US Senate. Sen. Saxby Chambliss trounced Democrat Jim Martin Tuesday night, winning his second term by a […]

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Oct 29 2008

PUMAs As Allies

I am an ex-democrat conservative, which puts me in great company with the likes of Ronald Reagan,  and others. To have once been a die-hard Democrat is to understand the left and be able to emphasize (not necessarily agree) with their views. To be a conservative independent is to understand the left is not always […]

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Oct 25 2008

It’s All Ground Game Now

Something big is happening in Northern Virginia. I have been out of the country for a week and I came back home to the place I was born, raised and where I raised my family to find I did not recognize it. The area has become obsessed with the presidential election! There are signs everywhere […]

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Oct 24 2008

Palin To Be In Leesburg, VA Monday!

Folks, Governor Palin will be in Leesburg, VA Monday.  Everyone who can go should go, and let’s see if the Palin crowd can rival or exceed the recent Obama visit! Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be in Leesburg Monday morning to do her part in Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) effort to keep Virginia in the […]

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Oct 18 2008

The Political Industrial Complex Strikes Back!

    The Political Industrial Complex – which has been running this country into the ground over the last couple of decades – is that group of elitists, left and right, who believe they have a special place on earth as the only ones capable of leading the free world. They are the ones who […]

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Oct 13 2008

Polls Tightening, Political Industrial Complex Off It’s Collective Rockers

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! Major Update: Seems we have more proof of how bad the polls really are for Obama: As I mentioned yesterday, my brother is paid staff with the McCain campaign. Two nights ago there was a conference call, where they released internals on GA, VA, and […]

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Oct 11 2008

Men Protecting Men Who Harass Women

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! I know the Palin Derganged liberal media is cheering POLITICAL conclusion that Governor Palin abused her powers as governor in trying to protect her family from a stalking, abusive brother-in-law. The key point in the report: A legislative investigator found that Palin violated state ethics […]

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Oct 06 2008

Obama Surrogate Springsteen Gets 10,000, VP Candidate Palin Gets 10,000

Obama just cannot match Sarah Palin’s ability to draw crowds. Today Obama surrogate ‘The Boss’ Springsteen serenaded a crowd of 10,000 – most of which I am sure came to just hear the music and all of which were not Obama supporters. Also today Sarah Palin, VP Candidate for the GOP, drew 10,000 supporters. They were all […]

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Oct 05 2008

The Failing McCain-Palin Campaign Still Drawing Record Crowds

Update: Well Obama tried, but Palin actually got a crowd of 30,000 in Carson CA, which is 50% more than Obama got in Asheville, NC. Update: It seems Obama was able to pull about 20,000 today at a rally in NC. Impressive – he is as good as Palin, which makes me wonder all the more […]

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Oct 02 2008

Palin Won! Obama Lost

Why did America tune in? To see one of our own fight the political class. Frank Luntz’s ‘independent’ group went something like 80% for Palin. She has changed the entire political landscape. The Palin phenom is just happening! Drudge poll shows 75-25 Palin. Look, this is HISTORY! Palin destroyed the media myths. Please note: Palin, […]

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