Dec 03 2008

Palin Power

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Sarah Palin confirmed in Georgia she was no albatross in the 2008 Presidential election.  For if she were one, there would not have been such a huge win for GOP Senator Chambliss there yesterday in the runoff for the US Senate.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss trounced Democrat Jim Martin Tuesday night, winning his second term by a margin of more than 10 percentage points. The race dashed Democrats’ hopes of a 60-seat majority immune to Senate filibusters, which would have given President-elect Barack Obama a stronger hand moving his agenda.

Chambliss revved up the state’s vaunted GOP turnout operation and kept a parade of ex-GOP presidential candidates traipsing through the state to whip up enthusiasm. He brought in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the former candidate for vice president, as his closer. She headlined four rallies for Chambliss across the state Monday that drew thousands of party faithful.

Palin’s presence was a huge plus, not a negative. So we can put all those ‘blame Palin’ canards to rest.

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  1. Redteam says:

    I’m very happy Chambliss won and I’m very happy that Palin added her support, attracting big crowds( I assume that’s why your’re saying she was helpful in the big turnout for Chambliss at the voting booth.)
    I’m looking for big things for her in the future. I think she’s a big breath of fresh air for the Republicans. Thanks Sarah Palin.

  2. tarpon says:

    Well I guess that settles it, Palin power has shelf life and is a really big draw.

    I note, where is McCain?

  3. Phineas says:

    I think Chambliss would have won, anyway, but I’m sure she increased his margin substantially.

    And I’m glad, not only for Chambliss and our ability to preserve a filibuster, but for Palin. In confirms my belief that her political strength was not just an electoral flash in the pan. I think she’s just what the Republican Party needs.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    The ratio of victory was almost a match for the Bush/Kerry race.

    Turnout was near what is expected for a run off election.

    Some suggested it was lack of interest for black voters to turn out for a white candidate.

    If the Obama voter email lists for Georgia and the GOTV effort were used like in the General it would have been close again.

    With the low turnout a few heavy Black counties like Dekalb and Fulton ,which make up Atlanta area, could have made the race much closer.

    Simply the only reason for the run off to start with was that the Obama supporters were already in the voting booth and went for a straight Dem ticket. Otherwise they race likely would have been decided then by getting over the required 50% of the vote.

    It also lends weight to the fact that Obama may not have very long coat tails as he drops items from his agenda and even fails to perform up to some groups expectation.

    A spreadsheet with some calculations of the results is available here.

  5. Terrye says:

    Maybe this is not only about Republicans, maybe some Democrats have already started to cool on Obama. Whatever the reason, I was glad to see it.

  6. jimmylewis2007 says:

    Saxby was on life support … which is where most RINOs end up when one strays from basic conservative principles … he got the well deserved scare of his life and needs to Thank God (if he happens to still believe in him) that a breathing tube by the name of Palin came a callin’ …

    Jimmy Lewis
    SCS, Michigan

  7. dave m says:

    Here’s an interesting thing. Somebody claims to have done the
    detective work any big news org could easily have done.

    Result? Obama was not born in Hawaii

    Small Snippet

    Hospital after hospital in Honolulu all have NO RECORD of Obama or mother ever being there. Is this some state secret? Are we to believe that even the hospital that he was born in should remain secret? Why lie to us as if it matters I mean the man did win the Presidential vote? Why the lies and secrecy?

    Read the rest here: