Oct 06 2008

Obama Surrogate Springsteen Gets 10,000, VP Candidate Palin Gets 10,000

Obama just cannot match Sarah Palin’s ability to draw crowds. Today Obama surrogate ‘The Boss’ Springsteen serenaded a crowd of 10,000 – most of which I am sure came to just hear the music and all of which were not Obama supporters. Also today Sarah Palin, VP Candidate for the GOP, drew 10,000 supporters. They were all supporters and there to hear Sarah speak of our future. So which campaign has the most interest of the voting public????

I wish someone had a running total going on who has the most people engaged. But of course tomorrow night will be most telling. Can Obama match Palin’s 70 million viewers.

Update: In a surprise visit to Omaha, NE Palin pulls in 7,000! That is an amazing draw for a surprise visit. Of course the media calls it ‘defensive’!  LOL! The media and the left is spooked out of their shorts over Palin.  Check this trash mouth out:

Why Palin is Such a Good Liar For God?

It takes sincerity to tell a series of barefaced lies with enough conviction to carry the day. As we close in on the 2008 election, the increasingly desperate Republicans will do what they have learned to do best: court the sincere but misinformed Evangelical voters by lying to them. 

Doing that ‘those poor easily duped rubes’ thing again. Yeah, that will switch votes. Or how about this “Hey, that’s not fair to bring up Wright again!” silliness:

Sarah Palin has now attacked Barack Obama over his association with Reverend Wright — even though John McCain himself explicitly said this spring that Wright was off limits and that attacking Obama over his former minister was “not the message of my campaign.”

Poor Wiberal Babies!  Too funny. I get the feeling Sarah is leaving some marks here. You never bring attention to attacks which are failing, only those which are drawing some blood. Maybe it’s the fact that out of all four pols running, America actually trusts Palin more because she is NOT of DC???

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6 Responses to “Obama Surrogate Springsteen Gets 10,000, VP Candidate Palin Gets 10,000”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Rasmussen polls are showing 52 for Obama…

  2. Redteam says:

    I won’t turn on my tv to see obama, I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Springsteen. But Palin, I would drive downtown to see her.

  3. owl says:

    Palin is fresh air and I would drive a distance to see her. Another note of cheer is playing over at The Anchoress. Astounding is what she calls him. Yep. That YouTube is unbelievable!

  4. coonass says:

    Anyone remember Mondale vs Reagan, 1984?
    Carter vs Reagan, 1980?

    Both times, the polls were much kinder to the leftist candidate than were the election results.

    And if the polls were all that accurate, we would have learned about the Dewey administration from 1949 – 1953 in American history class. The polls were so heavily in favor of Dewey that some major newspapers put their morning editions for the day after Election Day to bed with headlines touting a Dewey victory that never happened.

    Instead, Harry and Bess Truman didn’t have to pack until Eisenhower beat Stevenson in 1952 and was sworn in the following year.

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  6. bush_is_best says:

    Great to hear! Somehow I thought Obama was drawing huge, enthusiastic crowds… like 75K in Oregon, and 200K in Germany of all places… I’m sure those crowd figures, and countless others, were left out because they don’t do much to support this article about the ability to draw large crowds. Its comforting to hear from a reliable source, that sarah palin is actually more popular than Barack Osama (whoops!) Obama.