Oct 18 2008

The Political Industrial Complex Strikes Back!

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The Political Industrial Complex – which has been running this country into the ground over the last couple of decades – is that group of elitists, left and right, who believe they have a special place on earth as the only ones capable of leading the free world. They are the ones who attacked Sarah Palin for being such a commoner. They are the Peggy Noonans, David Frums, Chris Buckleys and David Brookes who prioritize the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) over any and all conservative values and policies. When asked to chose between the two they chose to cover their paychecks and stick with the choice of the Political Industrial Complex – Barrack Obama.

I was listening to Laura Ingraham yesterday as it sunk in on her what these people were doing (along with the two-digit IQ wonder Bill O’Reilly). They were throwing away everything they supposedly stood for because someone like Sarah (and her commoner followers) dared to offer herself up to lead this country. Noonan especially stinks of jealousy and snobbery. I never realized how impressed she was with her irritating upper-crust speaking patterns and accents.

As Governor Sarah takes a beating from this cadre of elitists, along with Joe The Plumber’s personal life and most pathetically John McCain’s skin, the PIC is coming out en masse to herald their new emperor:

The Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for newspaper endorsements, picking up 17 more papers in the past day, including the giant Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune on Friday afternoon (see separate story), and the Denver Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Salt Lake Tribune, Kansas City Star, Southwest News-Herald (Ill.) and Chicago Sun-Times tonight.

This brings his lead over McCain-Palin by this measure to well over 3-1, at 58-16, including most of the major papers that have decided so far.

As if we didn’t know legs were tingling throughout the news media rooms over Obama??? Folks, if you think the dunces on TV are superior geniuses and will fix this world by all means vote with them. But this NASA engineer who worked on the internet before Al Gore even knew what it was is not fooled by people reading teleprompters and reciting canned answers in vague and undefinable terms. And I doubt you folks are very impressed with them either.

Update: BTW – how damn dumb do you have to be to work for CBS:

The Republican National Committee is sending around this Associated Press photo of overall-clad McCain supporters standing outside an Obama rally, clutching plungers and a sign proclaiming “I Am Joe The Plumber”:

The only problem? At least two of the members aren’t quite as similar to the newly famous Joe Wurzelbacher as they might like you to think.

And the man on the left, plunger thrust high in the air, is Charlie Smith – the National Chairman of the College Republicans

OMG – what a dipstick.  Dude, look up ‘metaphor’ or ‘analogy’! And after that look up ‘moron’.

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  1. danking_70 says:

    I feel like that voter at a recent McCain rally: “I’m mad! I’m really mad!”.

    Specifically at Washington. I want to throw all the bums out.

    I just don’t understand why McCain hasn’t grabbed on to that feeling. He’s the Maverick and one of the reasons why I like Palin so much is that she is so far outside beltway politics and she has a record of going against and fighting the political establishment that steals taxpayer’s dollars.

    The whole Fannie/Freddie mess was tailor-made for him. Is he waiting until we’re closer to Nov. 4th?

  2. kathie says:

    They hate Palin, and Joe the Plumber for the same reason they hate President Bush, they are too common. When these people speak, I can read their hearts, I understand their words, I know what they will do, not exactly what they will do, but because I know where they sit I know where they will make a stand. It’s kinda a west thing as opposed to eastern elite thing. They are crass, not tricky enough people.

    Well educated, means Harvard, Yale, forget Stanford or Cal Berkeley. Sophisticated means, speech that no one can pin down, like the definition of “is”. And above all else “well connected” means in the know with the intellectuals of the East Coast. It is a mentality that would order, lobster, Iranian caviare and champaign for a little snack, while your husband is speaking to the elite and you can put the cost on someone else’s bill. These same people will tell us commoners about global warming, what is fair and America is hated.

    These same people will tell us that Bush lied, but their vote meant something different. That they are trying to help Joe and damn, he’s not even grateful, and any way where is Alaska? Anyone who can fool all the people all the time is a star.

    Obama learned all the superficial, skin deep lessons well. He hasn’t clear an inch of land, kill for his dinner, or gotten his hands dirty in a toilet. He is one of our guys who hires people to do the dirty work. Those who do and those who tell “the others” what to do.
    And damn it they know what is best for all of us.

    President Bush, Sarah Palin, Joe the plumber fall into all the wrong categories for the elite. I wonder why they draw crowds of 20,000?

  3. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Seems I remember the 1994 election, when the American public decided it had seen enough of the far left and overthrew the dem party throughout the nation on election night. The MSM described it as a “tantrum”…an immature public madly waving its arms in a frenzy. A typically arrogant description of events by the elitist set. But as voters and election eve celebrants, we were sorely disappointed over the years to come. The “conservatives” we had hired to return our stolen rights and preserve those which still mercifully remained, well, they turned out to be money spending, vote buying, baby democrats in search of a permanent Washington address and an adoring liberal media. A decade of betrayal coupled with a Bush administration which eagerly joined in the treasury-robbing fun and we forgotten conservatives had had enough. We stayed home in 2006 and the official left/dem party took control again. Or rather, regained the actual party majority. Control had never really been relinquished. For we found that Washington sized politicians are–not all, but nearly all–thuggish criminals, far more interested in their own power and eventual monetary gain than in doing the job those foolish, day-dreaming constituents have in mind. Vote em in and cuss em out. But this time, the day may have come when we are unable to vote enough of them out. Our rights will have become forfeit to the “greater good” and only a second American revolution will provide anything approaching a cure.

  4. clintsf says:

    ***** BREAKING NEWS *******

    This just in. Reputable sources close to the leadership of the Roman slave revolt have confirmed that many of those famously claiming, “I am Spartacus!” actually had totally different names.

  5. SallyVee says:

    “the two-digit IQ wonder Bill O’Reilly”

    Thank you for that, A.J. Will keep me smiling all weekend long.

  6. Jules Roy says:

    Interesting that you refer to Bill O’Reilly as a double digiter when talking about Sarah Palin. Her IQ level has been major subject at all the IQ blogs like Half Sigma over the past month or so. Most seem to think she would have an IQ of 100 at best. If they are right then Palin may well have a two-digit IQ herself.

  7. Aitch748 says:

    And how, prey tell, does someone with an IQ of 99 or less manage to take on corrupt members of her own party and win AND end up with an 80% approval rating in a state with perhaps the most self-reliant population, overall, in the union?

  8. Jules Roy says:

    An IQ of 99 is not low; it is average for whites. People don’t look for genius in their political leaders. Indeed, they want someone they identify with: Would you like to have a beer with Dubya or John Kerry? That’s what democracy has been reduced to.

  9. Jules Roy says:

    Daniel Larison at The American Conservative blog writes;

    What has been amazing to me as I watch and participate in the back-and-forth between Palinites and Palin critics is how readily the admirers of Palin’s so-called populism adopt the definition of populism set by those establishmentarians most instinctively hostile to it. Under this hostile definition, populism is necessarily loud, proud and ignorant, because this flatters establishmentarian assumptions about their own views. According to establishmentarians, populists typically know little or nothing about policy, to which those who rally around anyone remotely resembling a populist often reply, “Yes, our candidate knows nothing–isn’t it great?” The candidate’s admirers think they are sticking it to poncy elitists when they revel in their candidate’s cluelessness and “good instincts,” but they are just helping to confirm the prejudices of anti-populists and reinforce the status quo.

    Rather than offering a coherent alternative on behalf of the many, this kind of populism is readily co-opted and deployed in the service of established interests

    The Palin supporters are useful idiots for the establishment.

  10. momdear1 says:

    I have wondered where O’Reilly’s loyalties lie recently, since he keeps repeating that “Obama is not a Muslim.” Actually, Obama alleges he is not a Muslim. Nobody knows anything about him other than what he has said about himself. All indications are that he very well could be a Muslim practicing the old Muslim time honored tradidition of Lying to the Infidels. In addition, nobody gets to say anything on Fox News any more without a hired Dem. assassian getting the last word to spout off with the latest official party line, now relabeled “Talking points.”

    What happened to Newt Gingrich’s Republican Party take over of Congress and it’s “Contract with America?” All of the good ones declined to run for reelection after their promised self imposed term limits expired. We lost men like Kasich, Dick Army, etc. and the remaining spineless Reps. let the Dems take advantage of their well meaning rule that any Rep. accused of wrong doing must give up his committee assignments and leadership positions until proven innocent. By filing false charges against the best and brightest, including Newt himself, they allowed the Dems to eliminate from active leadership roles all those who had the ability to be real leaders. Then the Dems began to walk circles around what was left of a demoralized Rep. majority, tying up legislation and appointments and preventing them from acting on any of their promises. Actually the well eaning Republicans committed suicide by trying to be too pious. I knew the Republicans in Congress were doomed when they threw Newt under the bus because of trumpted up charges that were later, after it was too late, proven to be unfounded.

    The moral is, Nice guys finish last. You can’t win when the opposition uses every dirty trick in the book and follows Saul Alinsky’s method of using the politics of personal destruction. How can the Republicans let anyone cast aspersions on anything a fellow Republican does when we have people like Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy sitting in the Senate and appearing almost daily in the Media as respected spokespersons for the Democrats? What’s sauce for the Goose obviously is no longer sauce for the Gander.

  11. SallyVee says:

    Jules, watch it there buddy. You are in danger of breaking something with the contortions. Which I don’t get even with my triple digit points firing on all cylinders. It’s as simple as this. When Sarah speaks, I hear her loudly and clearly, and she speaks for me. I’m happy to be called a useful idiot by guys like you. It rather reinforces my extremely high G.I.–gut instinct.

  12. The Macker says:

    Believers of such things as IQ will believe anything. It may be a useful term, but it is a bogus theory. The “soft sciences” have “soft theories.”

    Your rant about “populism” and “useful idiots” is odd, given the vaporous demagogue on the Left who makes airy appeals to “hope” and “change.” We had a politician like that a couple of generations ago, named Huey Long.

  13. Mark says:


    The elites, and you apparently, seem to forget we pay their salaries. Without our work, taxes and spending, the elites would be huddled around a trash can in New York City spinning theories between drinks. They exist at our leisure. We’ve tolerated them for the past fifty years. Now, we’re tired of them and their snobbery and we’ll be firing a bunch of them in the next two or three elections. We’ve already fired the New York Times, the major news networks, the Hollywood elites and we’re moving on to clean house some more. This has nothing to do with glorifying stupidity. It has to do with understanding elitism means disaster. Just ask the architects of the welfare system. Those “experts” contributed to the decimation of the Black family; something far worse than the supposed impact of conservatives’ “racism” on the Black culture.

    And, as someone who’s tested over 4,000 children, adolescents and adults with IQ instruments such as the Wechsler scales, since 1977, I can assure you Sarah Palin would not test below 120, possibly not below 130. Anyone who says otherwise is a lying partisan.

    Besides smarts without judgment is more dangerous that judgment without smarts. I would never have put Einstein in charge of this country, nor Newton, nor Stephen Hawking.

  14. AJStrata says:


    IQ is not something you seem to understand, and I dare say cross with this Palin supporter (and others here in the Strata-Sphere).

    A low IQ can be overcome, being an arrogant ass is terminal as far as I can tell.

  15. Frogg says:

    If interested in this topic about the power of illusion and what the partnership of Obama/MSM are trying to do (mess with your head), you may like this lengthy; but informative article:

    The Left’s Big Blunder

    You see, there is both a “real-world campaign” and a “meta-campaign” being played out. One can influence the other.

    Just stay true to your own convictions, thoughts, and realities (the truth as you know it) and know that…….you are not alone.

  16. CBDenver says:

    If the PIC is so smart, why didn’t they see the financial crisis coming and warn us about the dangers? Having an (alleged) high IQ means nothing if you haven’t the will or the courage to actually do something positive with your intellect and your position. While the PIC flatter each other in the media, people like Sarah Palin actually use their brains to figure out how to make the world better by helping to build their town through a rational tax policy, by rooting out political corruption, and by restoring fiscal responsibility and balancing a state’s budget. The PIC is all talk, no action. That’s not smart in my book

  17. robert c verdi says:

    In 1976 if you asked our elites about Regan becoming president, they would say you are crazy. There is a real disconnect between whole swaths of this country and those who comment on the national scene. This is a recipe for disaster. Right now we have 2-3 point race with those on the fence breaking for McCain/Palin. This with everything being thrown at the GOP this year. These elites have forgotten a long time ago that their job should be to inform, not influence or intimidate the american public. They have done a great disservice to the country by abusing their positions.

  18. Terrye says:


    If Obama is so damn smart why won’t he release his college transcripts?

    Palin did something Obama has never done, keep her promises. Obama is a typical Democrat, he thinks laws and rules are made for other people.

  19. Terrye says:


    I don’t think that is really fair to say about Bush. Those Republicans in Congress are every bit as responsible for the money spent. In fact when Bush vetoed a bloated farm bill, they crossed over and voted with the Democrats. And it was during the 90’s when the Democrats decided to bring social engineering to home buying. And what did Newt Gingrich do about that? Nothing…

    Besides, we have to remember this decade would have been payment for the last decade no matter who won in 2000.

    If Clinton had not gone with the changes in rules in Fannie Mae in the first place, if he had killed Osama, if he had resolved the problems with Saddam rather than just rattling his sabers..things would have been very different these last few years.

  20. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Let lefty Terry Tate tell you all you need to know about the high IQs on their side of the fence.

    “KILL (HER)!” video, from Obama supporter Terry Tate

    This should be copied and reposted repeatedly and interminably on all video sites before CBS decides to take it off. This has the potential to turn Obama’s halo into one massive mushroom cloud.

    While we’re on the topic of IQs, the thing to remember is it’s not the numbers that matter, it’s how you use what you’ve got. Chris Langan has an IQ of 195. As a bouncer, he’s his own police state. He also preaches how we’re all the same except of course, he’s better.

    He also thinks he’s “The One”.