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Aug 26 2011

Stick A Fork In Gore’s AGW – It’s Done

Imagine – that nuclear fire ball at the heart of our solar system, which happens to be 1,333,000 times larger than the Earth (in volume), actually has more effect on our climate than a marginal gas making up less than 3% of our atmosphere. I mean, even the oceans – which cover 75% of the […]

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Apr 07 2010

Slew Of Bad News For Global Warming Hysterics

Its the ‘hysterics’ vs. the ‘skeptics’ on global warming – and the hysterics are losing ground rapidly. Of course it is a failure of their own making, so I have little sympathy. I have been collecting a series of articles that each, in their own right, undermine the already crumbling credibility of the people claiming […]

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Feb 16 2010

What Has Happened To Man-Made Global Warming?

Mark Landbaum of the Orange County Register lays out a very comprehensive list of problems found to date with the IPCC report. He identifies 19 big problems that have culminated in the dawning public realization that this whole man-made global warming thing is a farce. I can only add a few more items to his […]

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Oct 18 2009

Not Evil, Just Wrong

Tonight is a big night in many ways. It will be the world premiere of a very important movie that will outline the problems with the Global Warming alarmists and their false claims. The movie is called Not Evil, Just Wrong. But as important, the premiere will be across the internet and in local premieres. […]

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Sep 30 2009

Update II On The Rigged Global Warming Data

It looks likes the straw that might destroy the global warming alarmists’ charade will be the discovery that man-made global warming is really man-made. It is either deception or delusion (or both), but it is NOT reality. It was created by scientists using cherry picked data. Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit did the work to […]

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Jun 03 2009

Man Made Global Warming Is A Man Made Hoax

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When someone claims “the end of the Earth is near” and demands tens of trillions of dollars to correct it, people should be a lot more skeptical than they have been. First, there better be proof of the end of the world coming. And whatever proof there is better be able to stand up to […]

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Apr 10 2009

NASA Admits Artic Global Warming Not CO2 Driven

When the Chicken Little Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC scream the sky is falling without CO2 Cap & Trade energy taxes, it is helpful to note that NASA’s data doesn’t support their claims. Especially now. First off, realize CO2 is only a tiny fraction of the so called IR Radiative Green House Gas […]

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Apr 07 2009

The End Of The Global Warming Myth

The high Priests of the Church of Al Gore/IPCC have been predicting pending global doom for coming on 20 years now. There so called scientific models predicted if nothing was done about CO2 levels over that period the Earth would warm up by 0.6° C since 1988-90 (within the range of 0.4°-1.0° C). It never happened. […]

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Mar 23 2009

Data Shows No Man-Made Global Warming

The nation and world have been debating whether mankind is the driving force behind the global climate change we have been ‘experiencing’. There is a weak and unsubstantiated theory backed by the far left that mankind is driving the climate warmer through CO2 production. That teetering theory is the excuse many liberals use to cry […]

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Feb 26 2009

CO2 As A Pollutant Myth BUSTED!

Some facts for people to digest on the Global Warming front. As we are well aware, the Green Nutters in the Obama administration want to designate CO2 a pollutant so they can control it and tax the world into oblivion based on unproven theories about global warming (especially given the last decades cooling trend, which […]

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