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Jan 28 2009

The Science Fiction Of Global Warming

It is becoming quite apparent that some zealots in the federal government have been rigging their data to create the false impression there is an ecological emergency – where there is none: When first implemented in 1990 as USHCN version1, it employed 1221 stations across the United States. In 1999, NASA’s James Hansen published this […]

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Dec 28 2008

Ten Years Of Proof That CO2 Is Not Driving Global Warming

Two things have been happening over the last decade that cannot be ignored by real scientists: The CO2 levels have been rising and the global temperatures have been falling. This puts the lie to the Global Warming Chicken Little Priests in the Church of Al Gore/IPCC (who use mysticism to trump science). And now even […]

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Dec 19 2008

Global Warming Ending Before Obama Can Even Get Warmed Up?

This week has seen some amazing Global Warming – all in the form of record cold and snow in areas that haven’t seen this kind of weather in 30-50 years. It seems mother nature is not cooperating with the Church of Al Gore/IPCC and keeping warm, let alone warming up. I found this really interesting […]

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Dec 11 2008

UN IPCC Surrenders On Man-Made Global Warming!

  Poor Al Gore, the UN IPCC has just announced there is no imminent danger from man-made Global Warming: There is no clear evidence that global warming is an imminent danger to the world, says Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Therefore, there is no reason to try and […]

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Dec 11 2008

Scientists Opposing The UN/IPCC On Global Warming 12 Times The Number Of IPCC Scientists

There is definitely a reformation going on in the scientific world regarding man-made, CO2 driven global warming theories. It seems the only measurable rising levels of anything having to do with the global climate is the number of dissenting scientists who reject the ‘science’ of the UN/IPCC. The ever increasing amounts of data and studies […]

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Nov 16 2008

Global Warming Lies Will Bring World Economic Recession

  There are legitimate times when nations need to suck their resources and production capacity dry in an effort to save humanity. The last time was World War II. Since then there have been times when nations need to buckle down and make investments in national security or emergency response to natural disasters. But these […]

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Aug 14 2008

Record Low Summer Temps In Chicago – For A Decade!

Where is the runaway global warming caused by human activity and driven by our ever widening Carbon Footprints? Ever since 1998 we have seen global cooling.  In 1998 we hit a relative high global temperature – but not as high as humanity has seen before (see graph below) – and that is when the Chicken […]

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Jul 05 2008

2007 Coolest Year In 3 Decades: After 20 Years Of Global Cooling James Hansen Still Screams “Fire”!

One of the ‘scientists’ behind the Global Warming panic is Dr James Hansen. For 20 years this man has been screaming the sky is falling, and came out in full panic mode recently to once more ring the alarm bells. At the time I noted how Hansen conveniently ignores the temperature data, which I estimated […]

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Jul 03 2008

OMG, The Liberals Want To Build An Ark Against Global Warming!

The lunacy of the left never stops! This is what happens when you watch too much TV and don’t study math and science enough – you become fools running a fools’ errand. Think about it. If the far right claimed the end of the world was nigh and it was time to build an ark […]

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Jun 29 2008

PIXAR Disappoints With WALL•E

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Our big family event for the day was to all go to see Pixar’s new movie WALL•E, and sad to say we came away none too impressed.  We love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and animation of all forms.  I own a lot of animated movies which I love to watch. And we can usually tolerate or look […]

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