Sep 30 2009

Update II On The Rigged Global Warming Data

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It looks likes the straw that might destroy the global warming alarmists’ charade will be the discovery that man-made global warming is really man-made. It is either deception or delusion (or both), but it is NOT reality. It was created by scientists using cherry picked data.

Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit did the work to show that it required a unique and non-random selection of data from Russian tree ring data sets (12 out of 252 sets) to create the impression there has been significant global warming over the last 50-100 years. But even more importantly, he showed that when the entire available tree ring set of data from that area is used there is NO record of global warming. None. He basically determined that the whole global warming fear mongering is based on faulty data.

The following graph shows the results in shocking clarity. The red line showing a huge rise in global temperature is that special 12 sets of data. The black line below is all the regional data – and it shows no rise in global temperature.


In fact, it shows that the peak global temps happened in the 1930’s and this coincides with temperature record data showing the 1930’s with the most new high records of any decade – including the 1990’s and 2000’s. Clearly if the red line was right, we would be breaking record every decade since. We have not.

This is staggering news. Credibility is required to scream the end of the world is coming – and then add with a straight face we all must hand over trillions of dollars in CO2 credits right now, destroy our economic growth and toss tens of millions of people out of their jobs to avert disaster. Without credibility anyone spouting this nonsense would be locked up in an insane asylum so they cannot be a harm to themselves or others.

Now the doom and gloom scenarios from  Al Gore and his IPCC cohorts has been unearthed as mundane science fiction (just like his suite of of lame movies).

It has been only days since the news began to rocket around the blogosphere, but the initial noises point to a cultural tsunami that could put liberal Chicken LIttles into the history books of stunning human failures (along with the Ford Edsall, using leeches to bleed the ill, witch doctors and witch burnings).

First, I am 100% behind this call for the scientists behind this bogus data to come forward and explain themselves.

Mr McIntyre’s analysis of the data – which he had been asking for since 2003 – suggests that scientists at the Climate Research Unit of the Hadley Centre associated with the UK Met. Office  have been using only a small subset of the available data to make their claims that recent years have been the hottest of the last millennium.   When the entire data set is used, Mr McIntyre claims that the hockey stick shape disappears completely.

It is indeed time leading scientists at the Climate Research Centre associated with the UK Met. Office explain how Mr McIntyre is in error or resign.

If they were wrong and McIntyre is right – they should resign. If they cherry picked the data and produced false results – they should go to jail. This could be the biggest Hoax & Con in history. In fact, I think the Cap & Trade tax should be call the “Hoax & Con Tax” – at least it would be more accurate. And maybe liberals should run on Hope and Con, or Hoax and Change?

Anyway, the news of this scientific disaster has not gone unnoticed in the UK:

At least eight papers purporting to reconstruct the historical temperature record times may need to be revisited, with significant implications for contemporary climate studies, the basis of the IPCC’s assessments.

At issue is the use of tree rings as a temperature proxy, or dendrochronology. Using statistical techniques, researchers take the ring data to create a “reconstruction” of historical temperature anomalies. But trees are a highly controversial indicator of temperature, since the rings principally record Co2, and also record humidity, rainfall, nutrient intake and other local factors.

Picking a temperature signal out of all this noise is problematic, and a dendrochronology can differ significantly from instrumented data. In dendro jargon, this disparity is called “divergence”. The process of creating a raw data set also involves a selective use of samples – a choice open to a scientist’s biases.

Yet none of this has stopped paleoclimataologists from making bold claims using tree ring data.

Scientists have ensured much of the measurement data used in the reconstructions remains a secret – failing to fulfill procedures to archive the raw data. Without the raw data, other scientists could not reproduce the results. The most prestigious peer reviewed journals, including Nature and Science, were reluctant to demand the data from contributors. Until now, that is.

The scandal has serious implications for public trust in science. The IPCC’s mission is to reflect the science, not create it.

The fact is the science of global warming is the mathematics of a con. I will say it again – without these select few data sets there is no evidence of any global warming in the last 100 years. When ALL the available data these scientists had in their possession was processed, there was no sign of global warming. These people hid data for years they had in their possession which also  disproved their claims. Dishonest does not even begin to describe this.

Worse, they connived tax payers out of 100’s of millions of dollars for their research and causes. Bernie Maddoff has nothing on these people.

Keep spreading the word. Keep the spotlight on these people. Truth will Out!

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