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Aug 11 2010

CO Senate: Dem “Winner” Loses To Both GOP Contenders

Addendum below! Who will get the most votes in November? The party that gets the most voters to the polls. And if Colorado’s US Senate Primary is any indicator then the GOP is going to really be cruising to a crushing landslide in 2010. That’s because the Democrat primary winner took fewer votes than the […]

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Jul 28 2010

55 Dem House Seats In Trouble

As they say: “Follow the money” The Dems can claim all day long they will win in November, but that is just propaganda-speak for the gullible.  Just last week the Dems purchased $28 million in ad buys for 40 endangered D-congress-critters, ranging from freshmen to committee chairmen. That purchase represented 82% of their congressional war […]

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May 18 2010

Critz Burns Burns in PA-12 – But Dem Voters Switched To GOP

The one election I hoped would be the exclamation point on this year’s election fell short. This is not going to be a sure thing for November, but the tsunami rising against the Dems is not as high as one would hope. With 74% of the precincts reporting Critz is over Burns by 54% to […]

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May 17 2010

Dems Can Kiss Connecticut Senate Seat Goodbye

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I hate liars. We all know politician shave the truth a lot, but out-and-out lying is just plain insulting to the voters’ intelligence. We see it all the time in DC now, open lies about policies and results and the future. And then there is the gross out-and-out about being a hero of some kind, […]

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Mar 21 2010

Tea Party Radicals Destroy Movement’s Credibility

I went to the Tea Party protest last summer on the Mall. It was peaceful, festival-like gathering that welcomed the all generations of the American family. It had countless signs of outrage, but the mood of the people was respectful and energized. I have no idea about the protest yesterday, I had intended to go […]

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Jan 19 2010

CBS News Skewers Coakley

Boy, the news media is not mincing words on the Dems flame out: Early indications are that there is large turnout in today’s Massachusetts special election, CBS Station WBZ-TV Political Analyst Jon Keller reported on “Washington Unplugged” today. And the masses aren’t there to vote for Democrat Martha Coakley, he speculated. Ouch! Enjoy Watch CBS News […]

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Jan 19 2010

First MA Exit Polls? – NO! Just A Web Trick To Gain Traffic

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I should have realized those numbers looked familair – these are those bell weather poll numbers from Sunday. I really hate liars and have no time to check out each post. I have no idea regarding the credibility of these exit polls, so take them with a grain of salt and do not relax or […]

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Jan 18 2010

Democrats Jumping Coakley’s Floundering Ship

Life long Democrat comes out for Brown. This is just the tip of the iceberg, since there are probably tens more who are doing it quietly without fanfare. I suspect we will see a huge surge in the “unenrolled” category in Massachusetts after this week. I bet a lot of Dems turn independent – many […]

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Jan 15 2010

Like A Moth To The Flame

This is a politically naive move: President Barack Obama will campaign for Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley on Sunday, POLITICO has learned, a sign that Democrats believe the seat remains winnable enough that it’s worth risking the president’s prestige. Apparently our young president cannot help but try and prove he still has some magical political […]

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Nov 24 2009

Celebrating Thanksgiving And Christmas Underemployed

The fact Democrats are in deep political trouble this season should not be a surprise at all. And anyone denying they are in deep, deep trouble is deluding themselves. I knew back in March that the stimulus bill rushed through Congress would be an abysmal failure. I knew that the country would be seething by […]

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