Jan 19 2010

CBS News Skewers Coakley

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Boy, the news media is not mincing words on the Dems flame out:

Early indications are that there is large turnout in today’s Massachusetts special election, CBS Station WBZ-TV Political Analyst Jon Keller reported on “Washington Unplugged” today. And the masses aren’t there to vote for Democrat Martha Coakley, he speculated.

Ouch! Enjoy

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5 Responses to “CBS News Skewers Coakley”

  1. kathie says:

    The worst possible scenario for the Dems, is that Brown wins and there is a big turnout to boot.

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  3. >…is that Brown wins and there is a big turnout to boot.

    And it is a land slide…!

  4. I sure hope you are right. As a Californian, I recognize the implications for my state. Fewer independents, but still the Boxer seat is in play. Jon Stewart’s take on the Dems on this is truly priceless.

  5. Neo says:

    What seems to get lost in all of these analysis pieces is that this is happening in the “bluest” of “blue” states (MA went for McGovern while Nixon took the other 49 states in 1972).

    If a Democrat can lose in MA, they can lose anywhere that the Democrats can’t guarantee a huge Democratic vote, including possibly some “safe” seats.

    The tone deafness by Democratic leaders to this is remarkable.
    For the past week there have been multiple stories about a “backup plan” for HCR. This is a political atmosphere where it would be easier to strike the letter “W” from the English language than to prudently think of passing HCR while maintaining a future in politics.