Mar 21 2010

Tea Party Radicals Destroy Movement’s Credibility

I went to the Tea Party protest last summer on the Mall. It was peaceful, festival-like gathering that welcomed the all generations of the American family. It had countless signs of outrage, but the mood of the people was respectful and energized.

I have no idea about the protest yesterday, I had intended to go before I remembered I had other family commitments. But if what I am reading really happened, a few crude radicals have destroyed the credibility of the movement (for now).

Abusive, derogatory and even racist behavior directed at House Democrats by Tea Party protesters on Saturday left several lawmakers in shock.

The Tea Party movement is just that, a movement. So it can attract anyone (there are no rules for support).  Not to mention, there are some very, very angry people out there ready to tear down DC with their bare hands. I do not condone the slurs thrown at US Congressman, but I also do not condone those same Congressman for grabbing power and forcing through legislation that has bipartisan and majority opposition.

If the Democrats continue thumbing their nose at the people, the people will see no reason to treat them even with modest respect. The liberals should know, the wave of rejection rising is massive – historically massive. As usual, these same liberals have no clue the results of their myopic actions. They didn’t on stimulus, they don’t on health care, and they don’t understand the political back lash heading their way.

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20 Responses to “Tea Party Radicals Destroy Movement’s Credibility”

  1. rbrown8288 says:

    “..a few crude radicals have destroyed the movement”. Come on now – let’s not get emotional over what is probably planted news by the opposition. How is it that radicals have not destroyed Sarah yet?

    This is filthy business in DC. The chickens will come home to roost on these gangsters. I agree with the rest of your post – the opposition to this outrage going on – that the tsunami created will be far more harsh than the crap they are trying to push on us.


  2. browngreengold says:


    There is video of the Congressmen walking from the Longworth Bldg to the Rayburn Bldg.

    Strangely enough, there are no “slurs” on the tape. No spitting either.

    Here’s the link:

    Also, you’ll notice that at least two members of the group that are walking are carrying their own video cameras.

    If the things that the Tea Party people are being accused of were true, then surely there would be video/audio proof out there.

    So far, no evidence whatsover.

    Just scurrilous accusations.

  3. pjo says:

    AJ, I was there and the slogan shouted all afternoon was kill the bill. I was not near where the incident happened but Gateway has footage of the actual incident and mostly what you hear is kill the bill. Also if you see any pictures of Obama = Hitler, it was the LaRouche gang out front, just before you went on the lawn.

  4. smill1953 says:

    I honestly think it’s a faux issue, planted by the Democrats. There were video cameras ALL OVER THE PLACE recording when these slurs allegedly occurred. If it actually happened, do you have any doubt that they be on a loop on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc.? This is typical liberal “debate”–just shout “rascism!” in the crowded theater.

  5. AJStrata says:

    smill1953 – Saw the act on video on NBC. I have no doubt some hot heads went too far.

  6. AJStrata says:


    I have no doubt all but a handful were being honorable in their opposition. It is the problem with movements where anyone can claim allegiance.

    I doubt anyone is going to make a big deal out of this – most people cannot stand congress right now.

  7. WWS says:

    You would think that with all those cameras, there would be some live shots of the alleged slurs, wouldn’t you? Rather than just some claims by some congressmen who’s goal is to completely discredit the movement?

    And if there *was* some actual footage, then we could find out if it was Barney Frank’s staffers sent out there to do it, or some of the SEIU contingent. Don’t let yourself be hoaxed over and over again, especially with this much on the line. Don’t be a sucker.

    And today is the day we find out, finally and forever, whether your idea of “Centrism” is something of true value or just another bitter hoax, meant to sucker voters on to the path of Socialism.

    If Pelosi passes this with just enough votes, it means the other so-called “centrists” who vote against knew she had the votes but were allowed to vote “no” just to keep the charade going. If “Centrism” is going to be of no value today, on the most important vote taken in several decades, it is of no value ever.

    Today is put up or shut up time for the entire idea.

  8. oneal lane says:

    This will be the template the Left will use throughout the coming months. No doubt there will be some hotheads and some of it will be “planted” by the Left. If anyone thinks the Left is going to stand by and just coast to November your dead wrong. They are just as committed to destroying the instutions and systems of America as we are to preserving it. These folks are ruthless and crafty.

    I was listening to an interview the other day with Grace Slick the vocalist for the former Jefferson Airplane. You all that are 50 and older will remember her. Some of you younger folks less so. She was such a big anti-establishment hippie in the 1960’s and all thorough her life. It is commical to hear her now promote statist government control of “everything” and “who the hell cares if it’s socalism or what”

    It is a sad day my friends. Perhaps we will win the day yet.

  9. RFYoung says:

    Good Grief !!!

    Why does anyone even believe this even happened ???

    Blacks regularly hang a noose or otherwise faxe racial incidents. Do you thing the polititicians are more honorable ??

    And they supposedly attacked Barney Frank for being “Gay” ?? Where is the tape?? It might have been an attack against radical left stupidity and theivery.

    Where is the tape ??

    This is a damn scam. Also, I am sorry, if you can destroy the tea party with even a hunderd unpricipled attendees, then the foul mouthed left is dead!!!

  10. Frogg1 says:

    Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps By Tea Party Protesters… VIDEO PROOF

  11. cochino says:

    I’ve seen clips of the protest and John Lewis walking by. Maybe a few people said something, but it certainly couldn’t be heard on the audio and it had to have been just a small number of people. Of course, it’s not above the left to claim such things were said when they weren’t and it’s not above leftist organizations to send people to such an event in order to say things like that. That tactic was made famous by Alinsky himself. And there are plenty of media organs more than happy to go along with it.

  12. AJStrata says:

    Yeah, And it is not unrealistic some dumb shit said something dumb.

  13. dbostan says:

    You just could not resist taking a shot at the patriotic Amricans.
    The lib claims have been shown not true.
    But you had to rush to stick it to them…

  14. owl says:

    I think it was a pure set up. Yep, some dumb person could have said something but how do you know that that crew that walked through did not say something first?

    This is the bunch that actually practices RACISM in our faces. CBC is racism by it’s very name and practice.

    Just look at the pictures.

    I am not a racist. Never been a racist. Can not even imagine saying or doing anything ever remotely racist. But I will no longer sit quietly while they shout racism at me while they are the ones doing it. No more.

    This was a setup scene to grab the news cycle. It is working. I am hearing FOX repeat this crap every other sentence today, as if it is gospel. No way. Why do we put up with this crap?

    Look at the pictures and videos. They got what they wanted.

  15. Redteam says:

    Just saying:::
    There is NOTHING a tea pary member could say that would destroy the tea party movement nearly to the extent that the Dimocrat party has destroyed itself.

    I suspect any tape you saw was a production of the lame stream socialist press pushing obamism.

  16. Aitch748 says:

    I’m at the point where I ALWAYS suspect underhandedness when news of Tea Party incidents like this crop up. The first thing I thought of when I first read about this was the “incident” where some reporter claimed he heard “KILL HIM!!!” (“him” being Obama) at a McCain/Palin rally, and the Secret Service investigated and found no evidence whatsoever that this happened, no witnesses at all who heard anybody say this at the rally, no one at all except the reporter.

    These days when someone yells “RACIST!”, I want to point back at the accuser and yell “FRAUD!”

  17. sherlock says:

    “Tea Party Radicals Destroy Movement’s Credibility”

    Somebody needs to:

    1. Put on a clean pair of panties.
    2. Read Alinsky’s Rules – the part about holding the opposition to impossibly perfect standards that your own side doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about upholding.
    3. Decide to quit helping them and their MSM running dogs accomplish #2.

  18. momdear1 says:

    I picked up a Southern Poverty Law Center newsletter in a Dr.’s office and as surprised to see that about 99% of the hate crimes listed in it were he said, she said name calling incidents. My question is this…
    Why is it all right for White people and Christians (WASPS) to be subjected to all kinds of verbal abuse, yet if anyone even scowls at one of these characters its considered a hate crime.? Here’s a clue as to why some black people are so thin skinned. First they objected to being called Negros, the latin word for blacks, then they objected to being called “colored.” Regardless of what you call them they eventually object to it because They now demand to be called African Americans but as soon as they realize that means they are black they will object to that. The real problem is that these people do not want to be the color they are, and no amount of changing the language will change that. Note: Last I heard we have freedom of speech in this country. It now seems this applies only to certain protected groups. The rule used to be, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Babying these thin skinned tyrants only encourages them to demand more special privileges. If It’s OK for this rogue Congress to ram this Socialist program up our rears it should be OK for us to call them names. I say, it’s time for more than name calling. How about rotten eggs, tomatoes and tar and feathers?

  19. pst314 says:

    I wouldn’t put any faith in those claims, as the Congressional Black Caucus has a history of untruthfulness and the grossest partisanship. And since they walked through the crowd with cameras at the ready, it seems clear that they were looking for something to condemn. Since they have not released any recording the overwhelming likelihood is that they are lying.

  20. WWS says:

    I’d be willing to bet that the story in the Huffington Post that AJ quoted was written the night before the rally ever happened.

    It was going to be published no matter what happened – and it will always be published again, and they will say (falsely) “see, it happens every time!!!”