Jul 28 2010

55 Dem House Seats In Trouble

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As they say: “Follow the money”

The Dems can claim all day long they will win in November, but that is just propaganda-speak for the gullible.  Just last week the Dems purchased $28 million in ad buys for 40 endangered D-congress-critters, ranging from freshmen to committee chairmen. That purchase represented 82% of their congressional war chest. The magic number to take over the house – 40.

Today the NY Times confirms the Dems are adding another 15 seats to the list of endangered D-congress-critters.

Democrats added another 20 House seats to their list of targeted districts, officials confirmed Tuesday evening, raising the party’s commitment in television advertising for the final weeks of the campaign to more than $49 million.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reserved a third wave of television time, one week after announcing the selection of the first two waves that identified 40 of the most vulnerable seats in the midterm elections. The latest cluster of districts includes 14 open seats, a sign that Democrats intend to expand their sights – to a degree, at least – beyond a strict defensive match.

The districts, which stretch from Arkansas to West Virginia, include five seats currently held by Republicans. It was unclear how much advertising time was being reserved in those Republican seats and whether it signaled a real commitment or a political head fake, with Democrats hoping to entice their rivals into also investing there.

So, out of 60 seats they plan to invest all their money in only 5 are GOP seats.  In addition the $49 million is above their cash on hand of $34 million, per the previous reporting. As I said last week, it’s Hail Mary time!

Bring out “Beltway Biden” so he can do his ‘we will win in November’ schtick again. That always seems to convince the masses. H/T Hot Air

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  2. AJ,

    See the clip below:

    “Pat Bergeron of Baton Rouge, a conservative strategist who has helpedelect three Louisiana governors, says that Vitter has stayed ahead ofthe curve so far by running against Obama and that’s not likely tochange. ‘As long as Melancon has Obama around his neck, he’s beat,’Bergeron says.”

    Bergeron has mentioned poll results where Whites in Republican Rep. Cao’s New Orleans house district are going 67%-19% for Cao.

    John Fund over on the WSJ site is also reporting the following:

    This year, the hands-down winner for the key voting bloc might be called “Tea Party Supporter.” Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, reports a major reason Republicans are poised to make major gains this year is that they “are cleaning up with a voting bloc that accounts for 26% of the country and could end up being the most important group of people at the polls this fall: voters who hate both congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans.”

    While these voters, who are mostly white and mostly male, harbor no loyalty to either party, this year they are much more upset with the Democrats who hold power in the White House and Congress. “The GOP has a 57-19 generic lead with this group of voters that could perhaps be described as the angriest segment of the electorate,” reports PPP. “Their support is fueling the GOP’s success right now.”

    The party-affiliation breakdown of the “pox on all politicians” segment is fascinating. Only 44% are Republicans, while 34% are independents and 21% are Democrats. That breakdown roughly mirrors the profile of people who in other polls identify themselves as Tea Party supporters. Interestingly, however, PPP finds that only about 35% of the “angriest segment” actually call themselves Tea Partiers. That’s compared to about 25% of voters in the electorate as a whole who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters.

    The Obama Administration’s economic incompetence has turned a bad recession into an avoidable Depression via huge health care tax increases.

    Now the Gust front of that bitter harvest is arriving.

    Those taken down by the private sector “Mancession” are going to take it out on every Democrat in reach.

  3. oneal lane says:

    In senate:

    Today Rassmussen has Reid ahead of Angle or in statistical dead heat.

    Bad news.

  4. Rick C says:

    But, Reid is not done for the year. He has things that go against his state such as an energy bill and a tax bill he has to work on.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    Reid had to spend 11 million dollars just to get two points ahead of Angle.

    May he empty out his war chest quickly.