Jun 22 2012

Zimmerman Faces Anonymous Witness

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The information out on the Trayvon Martin case today is truly damning, and surprising. One of the more intriguing audio clips is this 45 minute ‘last interview’ between SDP and Zimmerman.  It should be noted this happened on February 29th, before the public outcries from certain political circles had really spun up. In this clip at time mark 14:07, SDP investigator Serino drops a bomb shell about an anonymous call he received that day. The caller – depicted as a witness – claims there was much more to the altercation, including a verbal give and take long before any punch landed. This could be Dee Dee, or it could be someone else. But it blows a hole in Zimmerman’s statements.

One thins is clear, Serino says the witness claims Zimmerman tried to detain Martin and was not jumped at all.

I will continue listening to audio to see if Zimmerman continues to try and gild his alibi, but that right there is serious.

Also interesting in the clip, is how Serino echos many of the concerns back then those of us not buying Zimmerman’s claims asked. For example, why not roll down the window and ask Trayvon what was going on from the safety of the truck? Zimmerman’s response is he is scared, but then he goes on foot looking for the kid? The whole vigilante thing comes out in this first installment of a 3 part interview. Even the question of how can you not know the names of the 3 streets in the neighborhood (especially the one you turn in from at the entrance which you have to give to anyone when giving directions to your own house) came up.

Then there is this damning analysis at FDL:

The third thing I noticed is that his description of the confrontation makes absolutely no sense because he claims that after Trayvon punched him in the nose knocking him down, Trayvon got on top of him and was using both hands to cover his mouth and nose to prevent Zimmerman from shouting for help. Yet, even with both of his hands free, Zimmerman claimed only to have attempted to wiggle and slide his body farther underneath Trayvon and away from the concrete sidewalk, thereby inadvertently exposing the gun he was carrying in his waistband hoster.

Yeah, with my hands free I would be gut punching and a few other things – but recall there are no injuries to Martin.

Zimmerman did not explain how Trayvon would have been able to see his gun from his position straddling Zimmerman’s body. Apparently, Trayvon was such a vicious and superhuman thug that he could see through Zimmerman’s clothes and legs.

I caught that one as well, using Zimmerman’s own reenactment to prove it could not happen:

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, however, the bullet must have changed course somehow in the 2 to 4 inch distance between the muzzle of his gun and Trayvon’s chest because it entered Trayvon’s chest 1 inch to the left of the midline and 1/4 inch below the left nipple. It traveled straight through from front to back without deviating up or down, left or right and exploded the right ventricle of the heart and right lower lobe of the lung, collapsing both of his lungs (See page 125).

Odd too that no high velocity blood spatter blowback from the shot impacted Zimmerman’s jacket front or sleeves, according to the crime lab.

I tell you what, that is really, really, really damning.  That bullet path indicates a gun level, at arms length. Not one coming up from the waist pointed upward through arms grasing around Zimmerman’s head or neck.

Trayvon then either slumps forward or Zimmerman pushes him aside — he does not recall which — so that Trayvon ends up lying face down. Zimmerman climbs on top of him, straddling him. Then he grabs both of Trayvon’s hands and stretches them out, so that Trayvon is in a Y-position.

Unfortunately for Zimmerman, Trayvon was found with both of his hands under his body, not stretched out in a Y position.

Hard to keep so many details straight when you make things up on the fly.

Update: For all you timeline junkies this is the recording where police play the recorded dispatch call and you can hear how the timeline from Zimmerman makes no damn sense. Especially the supposed stop at the clubhouse. Amazing

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  1. Redteam says:

    mata: ” then I can only pronounce you a gullible fool who willfully ignores the obvious.”

    Do you believe the old axiom that when you’ve lost the argument you resort to name calling?

    If you don’t then drop the name calling. If you do, please continue.

    Now, your turn.

  2. Mata says:

    Too many words over four letters for you, RT? Not surprising…

  3. Layman says:

    Regarding the Big Mac analogy… In many States the driving laws are against impairment. So combing your hair, reading the paper, talking on the phone, putting on makeup, and eating a Big Mac are all legal to do while driving (although bad ideas) unless they end up impairing your ability to drive. We sum this up as “Its OK to do it unless it wasn’t OK to do it.

    So RT, as to your point that GZ’s actions in following TM were legal you are right. But if in so doing he created the situation that lead to TM’s death then he will be held accountable.

    And that’s the rub. Everyone is spinning their wheels trying to prove one POV or the other.

  4. AJStrata says:


    “So RT, as to your point that GZ’s actions in following TM were legal you are right. But if in so doing he created the situation that lead to TM’s death then he will be held accountable.”

    Welcome back! Now is there evidence GZ knows his actions led to TM’s death?

    Yes. It is the serial lies he concocted to cover up his culpability.

    Andy why do we know they are lies?

    Because what he claims is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE given the crime scene evidence.

    There is no way GZ could pull his gun as described (more on this in a future post, but what I have written is sufficient). On his back, with his holster against his hip, in his waistband, being pinned by TM and TM”s legs blocking access to his waist (especially if he wiggles ‘downward’ through the straddling legs), you cannot pull a gun. Your elbow is too long. Especially if you claim to be pinning TM’s arm.

    In addition, there is almost no GZ blood or DNA on TM. TM should be covered with blood or DNA from the punching and from the claimed suffocation attempt.

    In addition, there is no TM blood on GZ, which there would be if he was shot while straddling over GZ.

    In addition, the path of the bullet in TM’s body is not possible from the position described by, and really is only possible if both men are standing AND GZ’s arm is extended straight (another detail coming).

    You can’t break the laws of physics/biology/chemistry. The evidence completely destroys GZ’s story.

    So why the big, obvious lie?

    Because he knows he was culpable for the wrongful death.

    His Hyde knows what his Jekyll did.

  5. browngreengold says:

    Hey Mata… What’s the old saying about trying to teach a pig to dance?

  6. Redteam says:

    Layman: “So RT, as to your point that GZ’s actions in following TM were legal you are right. But if in so doing he created the situation that lead to TM’s death then he will be held accountable.”

    you may have misunderstood what I was saying here. I do not intend to say that following him did/or did not create a situation. My point was that AJ’s theory was that GZ was relentlessly pursuing him (and we know that TM got ‘near’ the apartment, so let’s assume that if GZ was pursuing him, that he at least had gone past the T which was some 100+ yards prior to the apartment. But since the initial attack by TM was at the T, then that means that GZ had broken off his pursuit and was returning to his vehicle. When he got back to the T, he was overtaken by a pursuing TM (creating a new ‘situation’ ) and was attacked, getting his nose broken and losing his keys at that point.

    I do agree that: “And that’s the rub. Everyone is spinning their wheels trying to prove one POV or the other.” because we do not have all the evidence, we do not and can not actually know what happened. My point remains that I do not believe there is any evidence currently available that will lead to a conviction of anyone. Note that I don’t say GZ is innocent or guilty, just that I don’t think he can be convicted with just the presently known public evidence.

  7. Redteam says:

    AJ, I think it’s interesting that you think that how GZ got his gun into his hand has something to do with guilt or innocence.
    If (and I said if) GZ was at the T returning to his car and TM attacked him and broke his nose and got on top of GZ and started banging his head on the concrete, then it doesn’t matter if he drew his gun with his right hand, his left hand, his teeth, or one of his feet and it sure doesn’t matter what angle the bullet entered the body of a killer, GZ, at that point was legally entitled to stop the attack by any and all means available. It appears he was successful in that endeavor.
    now, back to the ‘if’. Your theory is that the attack happened at the T. Your theory is also that GZ was pursuing TM until TM got somewhere near the apartment but lost him and broke off the pursuit. (if he didn’t lose him and break off the pursuit, why would he return to the T, where TM attacked him? ) So at the time of the attack, TM had to be the pursuer, not the pursuee and at the time he was killed in self defense, he was an attempted murderer.
    It also doesn’t matter if GZ got any blood on him when he got shot. I’m relatively sure he had on a minimum of three layers of clothing (it was very cold). The defendant not having blood on himself has never been a requirement to prove guilt or innocence.

    If the events happened, as your theory goes, then it doesn’t matter if he told a lie the next day, or not. lying might be a point of credibility, but it doesn’t change or alter the facts that occurred the night before. I don’t think they’re going to try him for lying after the facts, only for what occurred the day TM died.

    “In addition, there is almost no GZ blood or DNA on TM. TM should be covered with blood or DNA from the punching ”
    just curious…. is ‘almost no GZ blood or DNA on TM’ the same, from a legal standpoint, as ‘no GZ blood or DNA.’ Seems as if almost no blood means something like there is blood there. seems as if no blood there means no blood there. A minor technicality? nope.

    signed: slick

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