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Jun 13 2012

Evidence Against Zimmerman “Strong”

While the news media is distracted by the news George Zimmerman’s wife has been arrested for perjury (a crime co-committed with her husband ‘saint’ George), the bigger news to come out was the description by the judge regarding the case against George Zimmerman: The judge writes that his considered several factors, most of which weighed […]

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Jun 12 2012

Lefty Orwellian’s Censor Free Thought, Free Speech – And Prove Healthcare Can Be Taken Away

Long title, but lots of disturbing incidents have been occurring in this country recently. Apparently in the State of Oregon free thought and free speech are now under attack from The State – bringing the apt comparison to Islamo Fascism and their usual approach to debate (i.e., destroy the dissenters). Read this story and wonder […]

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Jun 06 2012

That Was Totally Wicked!

I tell you what, the Wisconsin recall election results were totally ‘wicked’ yesterday. Firstly, government employee unions finally saw their fate after picking tax payer pockets for way too long, as is well explained here: … the governor’s recall election victory sends a clear message that should resonate around the nation: The fiscal cancer devouring […]

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Jun 05 2012

Walker DID Trounce in Wisconsin!

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Update 8 (10:14 PM): This is just amazing. I cannot believe these numbers. 40% reporting and the GOP gubernatorial candidates (now re-elected) are hold onto 18-19% leads. The most anyone saw coming into this was 6%. Everyone predicted a close race – not a wipe out. Democrats – wake up. Your party has been wiped […]

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Jun 03 2012

Renewable Energy Myth Busted

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I have to laugh when politics becomes so hyperventilated the two sides lose all perspective. Case in point, the left want to highlight how Renewable Energy companies backed by Romney are also failing (miserably): On Thursday, Mitt Romney campaigned at the headquarters of Solyndra — the first renewable energy company to receive a federal loan […]

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