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Sep 20 2010

This Could Hurt Christine O’Donnell

I was not impressed or bothered by Bill Maher’s witchy extortion attempt on Christine O’Donnel, or by O’Donnell’s views regarding porn and faithfulness to your spouse or partner. I was not concerned over her views from 15-20 years ago because everyone should be wiser as they get older. I was concerned about her personal finances […]

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Sep 20 2010

Bush Tax Cut Extensions – What’s The Priority Here?

President Obama’s stubbornness over extending the complete set of Bush tax cuts – verses extending all but those tied to those making over $250K (which is a good chunk of small and medium businesses, thus the engine of our economic growth) – is another example of our young President being in completely over his heads. […]

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Sep 20 2010

77% Disapprove Of Democrat Congress

This is why you don’t want your political party to alienate the center of the country (click to enlarge): I would say it makes complete sense that the small liberal/progressive minority – 18% – are the only ones happy with DC and the Dems right now. Everyone else is fed up with them. And this […]

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Sep 20 2010

Democrats’ False Bravado

One of the wonders of this election cycle is watching Democrats pretend they still have a prayer at the polls. Everyone knows they overstepped with the American people and are going to pay a heavy price for their arrogance. What is stunning is how the DC insiders are just now realizing why you don’t elect […]

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