Sep 20 2010

Bush Tax Cut Extensions – What’s The Priority Here?

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President Obama’s stubbornness over extending the complete set of Bush tax cuts – verses extending all but those tied to those making over $250K (which is a good chunk of small and medium businesses, thus the engine of our economic growth) – is another example of our young President being in completely over his heads. As this excellent context-setting post notes, the squabbling is over a lousy 9 days of spending under Obama’s tsunami of deficit spending:

“Raising taxes on the top 2% of households, as Mr. Obama proposes, would bring in $34 billion next year: enough to cover nine days’ worth of the deficit,” notes The Economist. So that is what all the political fuss about extending the Bush tax cuts for another year is all about. Does this make any sense? After all, errors in estimating next year’s revenues are typically much larger than $34 billion.

Is this the call to arms? Stick it to the rich so we can get 9 more days of Obama-Pelosi-Reid deficits? Obama is crazy if he thinks Americans will want him hold our taxes hostage just so we can stick it to the rich. Most of could care less about the rich, we want our hard earned money back in our hands and the government shrunk back to a manageable size. I don’t know anyone who is hell bent on taxing the rich. While no one cares if the rich get taxed, they are not willing to live with this economic hell to ensure it happens!

Only a far left zealot would claim more of this economic hardship is worth taking some spare change from the grossly wealthy, while making it hard for those small businesses just above $250K per year to survive, let alone thrive. Obama’s tone deafness is now complete. Americans want to end mindless bureaucrat think in DC, and Obama comes out with the a bureaucratic whopper of illogic. He wants class warfare – we want good careers.

Not to worry, Mr President. You and Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid will go down in the history books – not as just as the first black president, first woman speaker and whatever Reid is famous for. You will go down in history as the biggest screw ups evah, as measured by the huge wave of bipartisan support you garnered in the electorate to fire you before you could do any more damage!

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Hey, don’t forget to leave that huge gavel behind on your way out! You did not deserve to walk past the tea party rally with a huge gavel on your arms on the day you passed ObamaCare.