Sep 20 2010

77% Disapprove Of Democrat Congress

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This is why you don’t want your political party to alienate the center of the country (click to enlarge):

I would say it makes complete sense that the small liberal/progressive minority – 18% – are the only ones happy with DC and the Dems right now. Everyone else is fed up with them.

And this is devastating poll on independents and which party they will throw their support behind this year:

Today, independents say they lean more toward the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, 50% to 25%, and that the Republican Party is closer to their views by 52% to 30%.

Independents who say they are certain to vote in the upcoming election break better than two-to-one for the Republicans, 42% to 20%.

The implications of these numbers is mind blowing. What is even better, is we now have the outlines of a new contract with America:

More generally, independents made clear in the survey what they want candidates to do: [1] Decrease the size and scope of government, [2] cut spending and taxes, [3] balance the budget, [4] reduce the federal debt, [5] reduce the power of special interests and unions, [6] repeal and replace the health-care legislation, and [7] decrease partisanship.

I especially like numbers 1 and 6. I think the rest will fall in place if we start there.

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8 Responses to “77% Disapprove Of Democrat Congress”

  1. patrioticduo says:

    In 2008 “the people” forgot the following simple principles. But now they remember them.

    1) Don’t believe 90% of what a political candidate promises before an election.
    2) ALL politicians lie to get elected. The voter’s job is to cut through the crap to find the candidate who lies the least.
    3) The “best” candidate, once elected, will be a disappointment 90% of the time and the other 10% should make you wonder.
    3) Politicians are lying the most when they blame other entities for the evils of the world.
    4) The best form of Government is SMALL where things are done SLOWLY and in small INCREMENTS. Big change Government ALWAYS means a massive power grab that is taking freedom away from someone or something somewhere else. 90% of the time, it would have been better to let the other entity keeps its freedom.
    5) The greatest evil in the world comes from those who misuse power. Wall St is not evil in general, health insurance companies are not evil in general and Government is not evil in general but there are bad actors found in all pursuits. It’s just that Governments tend to attract those bad actors who like to blame others for their mistakes.

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  3. Wilbur Post says:

    To paraphrase the old adage, “empty suits make the most noise.”

  4. Terrye says:

    The Democrats screwed up big time. They let their super majority go to their heads.

  5. Fai Mao says:

    I hope the anger last two more election cycles. i want to see Al Franken become an Ex-Senator.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Fai Mai, We currently have “November is Coming”. In fact, just got a t-shirt from AFP. Now you’re saying “2014 is coming for Al Franken!”

  7. Fai Mao says:

    Exactly. But Franken is simply my poster boy.

    2014 will be a big year because that is the year that the end of the Obama Coat-Tails can be removed.

  8. gwood says:

    The operative divide in this country is no longer geographical-red state versus blue-or ideological-liberal versus conservative.

    There is clearly a war now, declared openly by the socialists in government, against the private sector. “Independents” are simply private sector players who of a sudden see their livlihoods threatened by government.

    The private sector was the proverbial frog being boiled in water; but the socialists, in trying to do too much too soon, turned the heat up so high that the frog has jumped out of the pot.