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Sep 23 2010

Is GOP On Track For an 80 Seat Landslide In The House?

The bad news for Dems just keeps on coming. If you look at the RCP House Map today you find the GOP with 206 seats in their lean-strong categories (click to enlarge). This includes picking up 31 Democrat seats in the ‘leans GOP‘ and ‘likely GOP‘ groupings. As I have watched the polls shift right […]

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Sep 23 2010

The Rising Tide Of Voter Rejection

Well, my prediction that WI would be shifted into the ‘leans GOP‘ category within the week was way off – it happened within 24 hours. RCP now has the GOP at 46 seats, the Dems at 48 (with DE in hand). But a new poll out in the NY-Special election showing a 1% race has […]

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Sep 23 2010

Lincoln & O’Donnell

To put the DE Senate race is blunt perspective, Christine O’Donnell has about as much chance of winning her senate race as Blanche Lincoln has of winning hers. I am with Jay Cost here – focus our energies on WA, WV, CA and CT.

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Sep 23 2010

The GOP Pledge Is The Right Answer At The Right Time

[Click image to see more excellent patriotic artwork] For those on the right who think the GOP pledge does not go far enough to the right – thanks for standing up and letting us know who not to follow. Any element of the conservative movement that proposes to implode by pushing America outside its comfort […]

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