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May 21 2010

NASA’s New History Making Mission

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Move over Hubble Space Telescope, the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is on orbit and providing humanity views of our Sun that have never been seen before. SDO is one of the Goddard Space Flight Center’s (GSFC’s) premiere missions, following in the foot step’s of GSFC’s famous Hubble Space Telescope. SDO cost nearly a billion dollars, […]

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May 19 2010

Chris Mathews Roasts Connecticut AG Blumenthal

You know, as a premier Democrat candidate, that you have really stepped in a smoking pile when Chris Mathews comes out and tells the entire world your not worth wasting a vote on: As I said before, Blumenthal has destroyed himself both through the years of misrepresenting his Vietnam experience, the years of not correcting […]

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May 18 2010

Critz Burns Burns in PA-12 – But Dem Voters Switched To GOP

The one election I hoped would be the exclamation point on this year’s election fell short. This is not going to be a sure thing for November, but the tsunami rising against the Dems is not as high as one would hope. With 74% of the precincts reporting Critz is over Burns by 54% to […]

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May 18 2010

Specter Loses, No Duh!

Fox News calls it – Specter loses! In what has to be the exclamation point on why dinosaurs should retire we see the young Democrat Sestak ending the long time over career of Arlen Specter, who had to run to the opposition party to try and stay in office. It was an embarrassing night for […]

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May 18 2010

Rand Paul Wins Big

Just a note about the huge win for Tea Party-aligned GOP senate candidate Rand Paul. He won big. He beat the GOP establishment and its state-wide machine. If there is one good measure of the tsunami heading to DC this was one of those data points. Message: time to clean out DC. Rand’s acceptance speech […]

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May 17 2010

Dems Can Kiss Connecticut Senate Seat Goodbye

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I hate liars. We all know politician shave the truth a lot, but out-and-out lying is just plain insulting to the voters’ intelligence. We see it all the time in DC now, open lies about policies and results and the future. And then there is the gross out-and-out about being a hero of some kind, […]

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May 17 2010

My May 18th, 2010 Election Predictions

So tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) there will be primary elections in many states and one key special election in PA-12 to replace the late John Murtha. My predictions are below for PA-12, the PA Dem Senate Primary and the AR Dem Senate primary. Underlying all these predictions is the fact […]

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May 17 2010

The Fraud Of Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick

Over at Bishop Hill there is a debate raging on the ‘trick’ used by Michael Mann to hide the “decline” or “divergence”. The debate is whether this trick was a fudge or a fraud. It seems some on the skeptic side of the debate are too willing to give Mann a pass: The “trick” was […]

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May 16 2010

The Power Of Freedom Always Trumps The Incompetence Of “Hope & Change”

As many may have noted my blogging has dropped off a bit recently. Mostly this is due to an increased cadence at work and trying to survive the Obama economic mess. But it also has to do with a realization that this country and planet are going to be suffering through months of tough times […]

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May 14 2010

Assassination Of An American Citizen Is Illegal & Unconstitutional

The Bush administration was raked over the coals, unfairly in my opinion, for recognizing how our national security guidelines allowed terrorists free reign once inside our borders prior to 9-11, and for taking steps to correct this deadly problem. The left-wing nuts went ape over the changes President Bush instituted, changes which required the Attorney […]

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