May 16 2010

The Power Of Freedom Always Trumps The Incompetence Of “Hope & Change”

As many may have noted my blogging has dropped off a bit recently. Mostly this is due to an increased cadence at work and trying to survive the Obama economic mess. But it also has to do with a realization that this country and planet are going to be suffering through months of tough times while we wait for the opportunity to purge DC of the liberal zealots who have shaken human societies across this globe. Once I realized this is what was ahead, carping about it on a daily bases seemed a waste of time.

Basically, our young and inexperienced President has been a useful tool of the ambitious and ignorant far-left liberals in Congress. He has played his role to the hilt, being so enamored with the childish myths of liberalism and socialism he has missed all the warning signs when things are about to go seriously wrong. He let the far left manipulate his puppet strings to the point all ‘his’ signature legislation barely passed Congress on one-party votes – with bipartisan opposition.

The end result is no surprise. Obama teamed up with Pelosi & Reid to create a stimulus bill that protected only government careers – everyone else got a shot at unemployment benefits and the humility of losing your income and career dreams. Their stimulus bill did nothing but rack up massive deficits and debts. This, in the long term, will be Obama’s claim to historic fame: the man who bankrupt America.

Instead of a recovering economy we have one were the government workers and powerful political interests are doing well while all the other voters are hurting. You could not design a better environment to create a massive libertarian movement, one that will finally begin cutting down the bloated federal bureaucracy. And therefore this year all incumbents are on the chopping block – as they should be.

The liberal health care madness only did more damage. Doctors will be in short supply as people naturally migrate to careers where their individual talents and initiative will be rewarded, which means anywhere but a government run program. Health care costs are rising instead of falling as the naive liberal mythology claimed they would. Seniors and other political incorrect types (smokers, over eaters, drinkers, fast food lovers, soda lovers, etc) will start to see their care rationed by those bureaucratic death panels chartered to decide who is worthy to live a few more years. All the while those massive deficits and debt are growing even faster.

Around the world, as our economy falters and stumbles here at home, the ripples have exposed the foolishness of liberal economic mythology everywhere. Like islands of cancer popping up, you can now see those societies who really fell for the leftist lies.  The UK’s health system is rapidly crumbling, but they seemed to just have a flu-like version of liberalism.

If one looks south along the Mediterranean Sea you will find the countries suffering from terminal liberal/socialist/progressive disease. Greece is just the first European domino to begin to fall due to a government run amok. In their delusional state of collapse Greece now wants to blame America for their laziness and incompetence, the real root cause of their current predicament:

Greece is considering taking legal action against U.S. investment banks that might have contributed to the country’s debt crisis, Prime Minister George Papandreou said.


U.S. stocks fell and the euro slumped on concern that Europe wouldn’t be able to contain the debt crisis stemming from Greece. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index declined 1.9 percent May 14, while the euro fell below $1.24 for the first time since November 2008.

Papandreou said the decision on whether to go after U.S. banks will be made after a Greek parliamentary investigation into the cause of the crisis.

“Greece will look into the past and see how things went,” Papandreou said. “There are similar investigations going on in other countries and in the United States. This is where I think, yes, the financial sector, I hear the words fraud and lack of transparency. So yes, yes, there is great responsibility here.”

The obvious culprit here is a bloated government handing out money to people not performing productive work, money that their economy cannot afford to hand out. I think I just struck Greece off my list of places I want to visit in my life time. Why waste my precious time on Greece? Why should anyone? They made their mess, they need to fix it. No more bail outs. If you screwed up you screwed up. The natural tenacity and strength of humanity will create a phoenix from your ashes if need be.

We now know the world hates us because Americans succeed were they fail. It is our success that drives international dislike of America, nothing more. Obama’s liberal mythology is dumb enough to believe if we just give them some of our dwindling money they will be quiet and change their ways! Ah, to be young and dumb again. Too soon reality will strike and it will be ‘women & children to the life boats’ – and then the world will wake up. The suffering will be immense, because the foolishness was immense. The lies were immense. Therefore the pain from these leftist lies will be immense.

The world’s economy is led by America – that is now becoming painfully obvious (again). The failures of liberalism and socialism are now at their pinnacle. Liberals finally go a chance to run the EU and US all at once, and the results were swift and predictable. Instead of relying on the individual, or the collections of individuals which have banded together in common cause to produce needed products and services (and which go by the general title of ‘corporations’), Obama has constrained and attacked the engines of human success and glory. He replaced these evolutionary gifts with another round of failure at the hands of tyrannical egotism.

A belief system that derives from the idea that only a select few people on the planet are smart enough to run humanity is doomed to failure.

On the other hand, a belief system that allows the individual human spirit free to interact NATURALLY and randomly, making real-time choices on the path forward and which is free from the constraints of the machinations of the elite, will succeed. It will succeed in surprising and unpredictable ways.

This kind of system has built into it a cadence of change, where an older generation of success and elite is replaced by newer generations of success (and elite). It is the idea that anyone might succeed (large or small) that drives our creativity and our tenacity. We keep coming back to work because we expect some future returns that will be our personal achievements – not hand outs from the busy-body government. This kind of system is no different from the young trees that step in to replace the dying giant which fell due to the large snows of a recent winter. It is a natural process of renewal and results in greater survival and success.

Who wants to only survive? This libertarian view recognizes the god given talents we possess, talents honed by eons of evolutionary struggles and successes. Each human being has infinite potential. We have broken the bonds of our animal form. We explore the oceans and space, and travel in amazing machines of our own creation. We are not the limited, helpless, faulty bit players the liberal mythology sets out for us.

This libertarian Gestalt is finally spreading in the face of the massive liberal screw ups. But it will not really become evident until this fall when America votes en masse. This is why my posting has become light. I also think the public’s interest in politics is taking a rest for the summer. Even if Obama blunders massively again (which he has come close to doing on the terrorism front), the congressional liberals will protect him as long as they can. This blind protection and denial that anything major is happening in the electorate is another aspect of the liberal mythology, which is complete horse hockey. That is the idea that once something has been institutionalized it can never be removed.

I expect the Department of Education and other long time useless government entities will beg to differ over the next 6 years as they begin to bend to the will of the people. A people who increasingly don’t want DC involved with much of anything anymore.

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  2. ivehadit says:

    Under assault, we have defeated socialism, communism, totalitarianism under much worse circumstances… and we *will* again.

    NEVER underestimate American strength. Government power is on LOAN, power FROM the People. G-d bless America. Still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  3. Wilbur Post says:

    I don’t think Obama has been manipulated at all, I think he is all in with the whole leftist narrative. The only reason why he let Pelosi and Reid do all the work is he is so damn shallow, lazy and self-important that he can’t be bothered with the details of governance – he likely considers these to be marginal duties next to his real purpose which is to be “a transformational leader” or some such nonsense. In this, he is the polar opposite of Jimmy Carter who wanted to micro-manage every little thing. In the end, Obama and Carter are just different sides of the same coin of fecklessness.

  4. crosspatch says:

    There is a well known effect that happens with taxation and subsidy. You always get less of what you tax and more of what you subsidize.

    We have become a country that taxes success and subsidizes failure. So, as a result, we will get less success and more failure.

    We didn’t always do that. We used to reward success with low corporate taxes, low capital gains rates, favorable treatment of gains from venture investment, etc. Those days are gone. Under this administration we now treat gains from high-risk venture investment no differently than gains from low risk investments in blue-chip stocks. There is no financial incentive to take a greater risk for greater reward.

    More than any specific thing they have done, they have created a general environment that is destined to destroy the economy without any specific individual actions. They have destroyed the conditions that create entrepreneurial activity. They have basically created a huge barrier of entry to new ideas and new methods.

    This President and his political party are toxic to the economy of the United States and must be purged from power.

  5. kathie says:

    Wilber, I agree that Obama is all in. Letting Pelosi and Reid do the heavy lifting is good for him, one because you rightly say that he isn’t much interested in the difficult process (he didn’t like being a Senator for the same reason), and two, how would a guy who heartily embraces socialism as a form of government that he thinks is “socially more just” and expedient, campaign in another election once the cat is out of the bag? I think the “tea party” movement made it very clear that the majority of Americans know who he is and the direction he wants to lead the country, even if he continues to deny the obvious.

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  7. WWS says:

    Too many truths go unsaid these days – and it seems appropriate to mention that Rush Limbaugh was one of the few who was *exactly* right about Obama from Day 1, while all the people who got caught up in the sad dream of some new kind of “transformational politics” have been played for fools.

    Getting it right on something this big is not something that should be ignored – just like all of those people who got it wrong have now got a lot of work to do before they earn any credibility back. (Peggy Noonan, that means you, but you’re far from the only one.)

    And no one can say that no one could see this coming, when quite a few people saw EXACTLY this coming and were ignored.

    in other news, BP finally executed the plan I liked from the start (the siphon tube inside the casing, not either box) and it looks like it’s working well. Looks like much of the expected shoreline damage isn’t going to occur.

  8. SwedHumanRights says:

    As a European, I have always been convinced that Obama was a concealed radical socialist and even – perhaps – a communist i e has no respect for democracy. The reasons for my opinion were the similarities to what European communists do when they want to conceal their opinions or promote them in secret. An obvious sign for me was that Obama has prevented any of his earlier writings e g at the university level, to become public. He couldn´t show them because at that time he didn´t conceal his opinions. Later he wrote his false books just to give people an impression of who he is; we will learn in the future how false they are regarding his real opinions. A reason for keeping his earlier papers etc secret is also that they probably differ profoundly in style with his books. An analysis would certainly show that he couldn´t have been the author of his later books.

    Another reason making me sure he is a radical, probably a communist, is his friends and the people he has chosen for jobs in his administration. A centrist democrat would not choose a number of these persons wha are pure radicals and concealed communists.

    There are many other reasons for saying that he is a very dangerous radical intent on destroying the Constitution and the power of the US. We will see a lot of his real intentions played out in the coming months and years. Americans are naive regarding radical socialists and don´t understand them and what they want to do; we Europeans know and therefore we really fear them in positions of influence. And you made this radical the leader of the free world!

  9. ivehadit says:

    WWS, time to go to Destin! The “coast” is clear…pun intended! 🙂

  10. lurker9876 says:

    wws, there are news about the underwater plume of oil, one ten miles long.

    What does this mean? Did the leak create these plumes of oil? Will nature take care of it?

  11. WWS says:

    Since you asked – it’s hard to know whether or not that plume even exists in the terms that it’s described, it looks to be more of a speculation based on some anomolous readings.

    But let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that it’s true exactly as stated – is this something to worry about? I would argue, probably not, since if I read this correctly it appears to be stuck about 4,000 down. Not *all* crude floats, some forms are heavier than water (the lighter components having broken free) and apparently this is where they balance the density of the seawater.

    Stuck this deep, it’s never going to harm the beaches, that’s for sure. What’s more, it won’t impact much sealife (inspite of the dire reports) since the vast majority of ocean going organisms are confined to the top 300′, the lighted area. Things that live deeper than that generally have very little to do with humans.

    Where will this end up? It will probably break down over time and end up on the abyssal plain, 12,000 feet down, where almost everything that gets dropped in the ocean ends up sooner or later. Remember, that’s almost 3/4 of the earths surface, so there’s a lot of room down there. And that will be end of it, unless some future tectonic movement spits it back up as a rock strata a few million years from now.

    Out of the earth, back to the earth. There’s a nice symmetry there. Almost makes you think this planet was designed to take care of itself.

  12. lurker9876 says:

    Thanks, wws, I was wondering if this was all hype.

    And what do you expect will come out of this week’s hearings over the Gulf Oil Spill?

  13. WWS says:

    “And what do you expect will come out of this week’s hearings over the Gulf Oil Spill?”

    The genius of Shakespeare is that the words he wrote apply over and over, no matter how time rolls on. So to answer that question, allow me to borrow a phrase from the Bard:

    They will strut and fret their hour upon the stage, and then will be heard no more; it will be a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  14. lurker9876 says:

    And a massive waste of our money for nothing!