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May 18 2010

Critz Burns Burns in PA-12 – But Dem Voters Switched To GOP

The one election I hoped would be the exclamation point on this year’s election fell short. This is not going to be a sure thing for November, but the tsunami rising against the Dems is not as high as one would hope. With 74% of the precincts reporting Critz is over Burns by 54% to […]

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May 18 2010

Specter Loses, No Duh!

Fox News calls it – Specter loses! In what has to be the exclamation point on why dinosaurs should retire we see the young Democrat Sestak ending the long time over career of Arlen Specter, who had to run to the opposition party to try and stay in office. It was an embarrassing night for […]

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May 18 2010

Rand Paul Wins Big

Just a note about the huge win for Tea Party-aligned GOP senate candidate Rand Paul. He won big. He beat the GOP establishment and its state-wide machine. If there is one good measure of the tsunami heading to DC this was one of those data points. Message: time to clean out DC. Rand’s acceptance speech […]

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