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Mar 19 2010

Are Dems Within 1 Vote Of FAILURE!?

According to The Hill’s whip count Dems are within in one ‘no’ vote of Obamacare failing. They show 36 in the “no”, “leaning no” or “likely no”. The magic number is 37 defections and the bill goes down. Lots of wishy-wash in those numbers, except they also count 47 undecided or unknown? Could all of […]

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Mar 19 2010

Centrist Dems Can Become American Heroes

Here is a wild fantasy scenario for centrist Democrats to strongly consider. We all know this debate is destroying the fabric of this country, tearing apart the republic with one of the ugliest, most corrupt, unconstitutional power grabs in history. We all know the pressure to buckle under the strong arm of liberal mad-hatters has […]

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Mar 19 2010

March On DC!

John Voight and Michelle Bachmann are announcing a march on DC this weekend to stop Obamacare.  Hopefully I will see you all there!

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Mar 19 2010

Demon Rule Slaughters Constitution

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have had to tend to business on my day job to keep us all employed for the next few years. But now that wave has passed (and I am exhausted, but optimistic the pipeline is full of opportunities). Which simply brings me back to the week America […]

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