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Mar 02 2010

Marine Care Package Project

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We at the Strata-Sphere support Marine Parents Care Package Campaign. They gather items and cash and use volunteers to create care packages for our active duty servicemen and women serving overseas. If you’ve recently been enjoying a few Do-si-dos or Samoas, you know how much you’d miss them if you were deployed overseas. Right now […]

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Mar 02 2010

Phil Jones BS’ing Parliament

For those interested WUWT has the video of Phil Jones’ pathetic testimony yesterday.

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Mar 02 2010

AGW Crashes On Lies, Deceit & Arrogance – In Front Of UK Parliament!

Watching Phil Jones testify to the UK’s Parliament yesterday and claiming how ‘Climate Scientists’ are the only scientists in the world who do not follow the scientific method of openness, transparency, skeptical analysis and independent validation is stunning enough. Everyone should know you cannot have ‘scientific consensus’ when the scientific method is not even applied. […]

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