Mar 19 2010

Centrist Dems Can Become American Heroes

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Here is a wild fantasy scenario for centrist Democrats to strongly consider. We all know this debate is destroying the fabric of this country, tearing apart the republic with one of the ugliest, most corrupt, unconstitutional power grabs in history. We all know the pressure to buckle under the strong arm of liberal mad-hatters has become heated and extended.

The way out of this mess is to lance this boil and kill this bill. The lancing starts with a commitment to vote ‘yes’ so this bill gets to a vote this weekend, so the madness can end this weekend.

The way to kill the bill is for 10-20 of these ‘yes’ votes to turn into ‘no’ votes on Sunday. This will end the debate and allow this country to become whole again.

If there were 10-20 heroes in the centrist democrat group, willing to sacrifice much less than any single person serving in our military every day of the week, then we get end this and move on.

Is this wishful thinking? Is this the way to avoid years of constitutional upheaval and angst?

You betcha!

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10 Responses to “Centrist Dems Can Become American Heroes”

  1. oneal lane says:


    I think it’s just about over on the vote count. The “no’s” are flipping to “yes” party loyalty wins out in the end.

    Once its clear they are close, then the dems will “flip over” like flies on fresh doo daa, The dems will all want to land on this pile while there is still room. They will win with a dozen or more to spare. I suspect a great number of the reported no’s knew they would flip at the last minute. I think she knew this all along. They were publicly saying ‘no” or “undecided” just to keep the public heat of of themselves. Now that we are near the end they are ready to come out. This is a suspicion. I hope I am wrong.

    Unless some procedural weapon can be worked out to extend the debate I believe its over.

  2. Wilbur Post says:

    The only reason (if you can call it a reason) to vote for this bill is to save Obama’s and Pelosi’s egos. That’s all it is about. Everybody with half a brain by now knows the bill will worsen the deficit and the economy and will not provide any lasting relief from medical cost escalation. How long can you give 6 yrs worth of service paid for by 10 yrs worth of taxes? Just once, and then you better have a plan B. Obama does not have nor does he need a plan B – he will be out of office by then, collecting his taxpayer-paid pension and charging 200K a pop to go out on the lecture circuit and tell everybody what a great president he was.

    So the reasons to vote against are strong: (1) save the country from a fiscal and economic mess if it passes (2) save the country from the years of lawsuits and legal challenges to the legislature way it is being advanced (the “Slaughter Rule – aptly named) (3) possibly save your seat in November because the public hates this POS

    Why would any SANE person vote FOR this pile of crap? To save Obama and Pelosi’s ego?

  3. WWS says:

    You’ve set up a significant test here. If you are right, if there is such a thing as a real force made up of “Centrists” in this country then this bill may not pass. If that happens, I am willing to accept your thesis.

    However, if this bill *Does* pass on Sunday – then Centrism in this country will have been shown to have been a sick joke, just one more lie played on the American people. Because the “Centrists” will have turned out to have gone hard left when it really, truly counted. Just enough of them to pass it, of course – that’s how the game is played. “Centrism” will then clearly be just words used to get elected when hard left policy is the intended reality.

    In related news, noted “centrist” Lindsey Graham, not content with selling out on cap & trade, is also apparently giving up on fighting terrorism as well:

  4. AJStrata says:


    Don’t forget that there is bipartisan, center-left to right coalition on HC right now – in opposition. If the centrists were that easy there would have been a bill months ago.

  5. >In related news, noted “centrist” Lindsey Graham, not content
    >with selling out on cap & trade, is also apparently giving up on
    >fighting terrorism as well:

    This is a good way to see McCain defeated by a conservative in the Arizona primary.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Sorry, but everyone knows Graham is not McCain. But go ahead, piss off centrists when they are needed to stop the liberals. I am sure that will work just swell.

  7. WWS says:

    As to how naked the lying is – Democrats are already planning on adding the deficit busting “Doc Fix” in April, the one they don’t allow to be added to this bill since it would show that all of the deficit projections were lies.

    Democrats – *Every* Democrat, including the “centrists” – knows right now, today, that the deficit numbers are a lie. Every one of them has in their hands a memo from Pelosi that both admits it and tells them not to talk about it.

    As I said, I am reserving judgment on the concept of “Centrism” till we see what happens – if Centrists can stop this, then they deserve to be taken seriously. They will deserve support. Actions have consequences, and this will be one of them.

    But if they don’t stop this, the most radical far left takeover in the history of the US – then “centrism” on the left will have been proven to be a lie and a sham, something that is said to get votes but which is never meant to be lived up to. And that means their supposed centrist allies on the right will just be stooges who allow themselves to be played for suckers by people who never have any intention of actually listening to them.

    The outcome isn’t clear yet – but by this Sunday, it will be. If this bill fails, “centrism” is alive. If this bill passes, “centrism” will be dead. War will have been declared, and there will only be two sides – for America or for Obama.

  8. oneal lane says:

    There will be talk of impeachment in the coming days. It will never happen.

    Impeachment of the first black president will cause a civil war of the black population. It would destroy the country.

    Impeachment of Obama over Obamacare processes is not going to happen.

  9. CatoRenasci says:

    Unfortunately, AJ, the chances of Democrats doing the right thing is small. I used to believe there were moderate Democrats, but this past year and a half has shown that they are all leftists when the chips are down.

    Passing this awful bill will dispel all doubts, and will probably be the opening shot in what will end up as a civil war. The should be absolutely no comity.

  10. WWS says:

    And just to be clear one more time, it’s not a done deal yet. The Centrists *do* have a golden opportunity here to stand up and be counted. I agree with you, AJ, they have a chance to become American Heroes – but they also have a chance to become American Zeroes if in the end they do nothing to stop this.

    This is ballgame, right here. This is when the choice must be made, because if they don’t come through now then we know that they *never* will come through for this country.

    If they come through, then they will deserve respect and recognition for what they have done. If they fail, then it is time to sweep this idea into the dustbin of our political history.